More Women Booking Male Escorts

This is not on the same level of liberation for women as the 'burning bras' moment. However n the UK one thing is becoming mor evident and that is ore women are booking ale escorts. Well for this premise to hold any truth one thing has to be in place. Are there simply the numbers of male escorts to deal with this sharp increase in female interest? Well the latest studies seem to suggest there has been in increase in male escorts in the UK. One study actually puts the percentage as high as 42% (believe it or not). So there is enough hunks to meet the demand. So why has there been this sharp rise in women booking male escort services? Well it is changing dynamics of life and the ever changing role of women in society. Quiet rightly women have made strong inroads into the business world. Where years ago women did not hold many high positions; even in jobs they never had the opportunity to push further. That meant they hardly did any overtime; there were no heavy business schedules to meet etc. However times have changed and there are many career minded women. So mor time spent on pursuing carer goals leaves less time for a social life. Busy women not having the time socialise, meet guys etc Busty people often look for practical and convenient ways to meet certain aspects of their life. So when it comes to dating the same mind-set is in place. Male escorts provide that practicality and convenience. A women doesn't have to go on a speed dating night or spend months on a boring dating website to get a date. They can simply go online discreetly, go on a male escort website and see information and pictures.

It is a dating service that these guys are providing, to mainly classy ladies. Well there are two categories of escorts. The first category are individuals who provide time and companionship only. The second go beyond that and are referred to as a gigolo. You see, gigolos meet the physical needs of a lady while an escort meets intellectual needs only. Busy women need practical ways to experience companionship. They have not got the time and probably patience to go through the mind games and niceties of meeting somebody new. They are confident, professional ladies who know what they want. If they require a handsome man for a two hour dinner date or a weekend companion; then they simply book an escort. These are not women who are seeking relationships in any form. Not all women need a man in their life or to be in a relationship (shock, horror). Discretion and convenience are the two driving forces for the increase in women paying for the company of male escorts. A good article to read online is on the Express website, which takes an in-depth look into the subject.