Escort Listings On Escort Directories

If you are an independent escort or escort agency, then advertising on the internet is usually the first port of call. One of the most popular places to advertise is on escort directories. Some provide free advertising while for the more prominent ones high up the major search engines, they have a number of paid options. People searching for escorts like to visit these directories online and search through the many listings they have on them. The biggest websites have hundreds and even thousands of escort listings on them. There are so many different types represented and they come in many different shapes and forms. For free listings it usually involves signing up to the directory where you can choose your own username and password. You then login and have your own admin section where you can manage listings. The usual functionality for free escort listings is having an individual portfolio page that displays pictures and information including rates and a biography about the escort. Independents seem to find all the free directories and can have hundreds of listings about them and the services they provide. Some escort agencies starting up rely heavily on being able to post escort listings. It is great free advertising for them.

The normal structure to an escort listing is as follows:

  • Name: The field where you enter the name of the escort or agency.
  • Age - Where you state the age of the escort. An important note to mention is that some directories have the option of putting the exact age, while others have an age range where you enter the most relevant. This can sometimes be a problem for escorts who are aged 30. As some mature escort sites are open to 30 and over escorts. So a client can want to book an escort in the 25-30 age range looking for somebody in their late twenties, but not want somebody who is 30, who they class as being a mature option.
  • Email and phone - Nearly all free directories let escorts put in their email address and phone number.
  • Website Address: For independents they can put in their website address. For agencies the majority state you have to put the direct URL of the actual portfolio page of the escort on the agency site. If you fail to do so often the listing is rejected.
  • Biography - This is where a description of the escort can be written. Some give two text fields to write a detailed one, while others limit it to a brief description.
  • Rates - This is where the cost of the escort services are inputted. The majority have the structure of one hour, two hour additional hours, dinner date and overnight. They are segmented into incall and outcall services. Agencies that are incall only and outcall only can omit the fields that don't correspond to them.
  • Photos - The vast majority let you upload pictures to the listing. Some are uploaded automatically, while others go to the site administrator for verification before the listing can be displayed on the directory.
  • For escort SEO purposes there are some good directories that having listings on can help with the overall SEO campaign for your escort site. While others are so poor in quality there is no point in uploading a listing on there.