Are Outcalls Better?

People who book escorts always have a preference to the type of service they require (incall or outcall). The key question is - are outcalls better? There are certain key factors that hold well for the argument. Safety is number one priority for clientele as well as escorts. If the booking is taking place at the private residence (house of the client), then they will for more secure in their own surroundings. Many rich clientele have CCTV and secured entry to their property. So they can see exactly who is wanting to enter their property. There have been incidents reported of some people being robbed by escorts and their associates. This method allows the client to be in control and if they feel unsafe then they don't have to grant access to anybody who wants to enter their building. There is an argument to safe incalls are less safe as clients are going somewhere which is not familiar to them. They have no way of knowing for 100% what environment they are entering or who is going to be there. That is why many view the safest incalls is at at hotel where an escort has a suite and can entertain private dates there.


The second reason that can be argued why outcalls are better is convenience. If you are at home then you don't have to travel to meet your escort. For bookings in London it can be argued that most places can be reached quite easily by train or tube. However after a hard day at work and when you are feeling tired - do you really want to travel. It is easier to make a booking at a time which suits you. So for example you could finish work at 6pm and make a booking for 9.30pm. Giving you enough time to relax, have a shower, change your clothes and plan ahead.

Now here is where the argument gets tricky to see if outcalls are better than incalls. It comes down to the number one factor; discretion. Everybody who books escorts wants it to be a very discreet process. If you are a very private person you may not want anybody to know your business. So if you opt for an outcall booking then it can be a less discreet process. There is a risk somebody you know might see an escort enter your house. Whether it be a friend, family member or even a work colleague. Secondly you may get unexpected guests who may knock. There could be an emergency and somebody could be knocking on your door. Would you have time to usher your escort to a place they can not be seen? The whole situation then becomes very awkward.

There are many gentlemen who are married or in relationships who book escorts. One aspect of an outcall which can play on their mind is guilt. If the wife or girlfriend is away and an escort is invited round, then you are basically bringing them into an environment that has a connection with your partner. You may have photos of them around etc. Often for some gentlemen halfway through the booking they have a deep sense of guilt. Their surroundings remind them of the current relationship or marriage they are in.

Some outcalls take place where an client is staying at a luxury hotel suite. It is a lavish environment that incorporates the luxuriousness of the VIP escort service they have booked. For one, ti may be an environment that they are not used to but it is like a treat for them. Not everybody lives in a luxury apartment. So the outcall itself gives the client the opportunity to really make it a luxury experience. It sometimes even falls into the realm of fantasy. Their dream lady and their dream environment. However there are some pitfalls. For one the escort has to be intelligent and experienced at hotel bookings. They can not stick out and therefore downgrade the discretion you seek. There are certain practicalities that you have to consider. Can you access lifts without a room key? What is the reception area like? Are the lifts situated in close proximity to it?

People have a preferences for outcalls for very specific reasons. It is all down to what you deem are the most important aspects of an escort service in general. Some like to be in an environment that they can feel most relaxed at. Others like to travel and visit areas they have never been to before. Especially if those areas are quite upmarket to where they live. So that is where an incall would come into play.

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