Escorts Falling In Love with Clients

Relationships are always a tricky thing and nobody can really claim to be involved in a perfect one. A unique relationship dynamic is when one person is in escort. Do escorts fall in love with their clients? Well the answer is yes, however it is quite uncommon. Many escorts get into escorting for various reasons. Many find it the most viable financial decision to take, given the recent recession and state of the economy. The more important question to as is - do escorts have successful relationships? The very core basis to a successful one is communication and compromise. There is a very broad spectrum of escorts. Many provide companionship only dates, others delve off into areas which incorporate more than that. Many of you might be familiar with the movie 'Pretty Woman'. A story of a high end 'hooker' who fell for the charm of quite a wealthy client. There were several dynamics in the movie as each of them came from very different backgrounds. That's s dynamic in itself where people fro different backgrounds and social classes go out. For some escorts falling in love with a client just happens. There was no aim for them enter into any relationship with the client. When that happens there are some important questions the escorts have to ask themselves. The most important one is do they continue to be an escort? Their new partner may want them to not continue. Now if this escort is very independent and financially escorting is very beneficial to them, they have a dilemma to contend with . As they have to know change their work and most definitely enter a job where they will make less money. So it goes beyond comprise and enters into sacrificing certain aspects of their life. Money is an important issue in many relationships and the escort may not want to quit due to the financial incentives. So you either end up with a position where the escort says they are killing to quit, however there is going to be a period of readjustment Within that period they intend to still work as an escort. If their partner is happy with that then it could a viable step forward. However nothing is always straight forward unfortunately. Some gentlemen who date an escort propose to financially support them as a means to make the decision for them to quit, easier. However another dynamic which comes into play is some escorts like the fact some clients may give them financial gifts. Some actually very substantial. However they want to be in a relationship, be independent and that not to reflect on the escort work they were doing. In a ay to ensure the relationship process is somehow normalized and does not represent an escort / client relationship. The flip side to that is actually the opposite. Some escorts will say that they expect to be financially supported but their partner doesn't want to as they feel thy need to differentiate from the escort / client dynamic. So it really boils down to people who are comfortable to openly speak about what they want. From that, they can agree to have a relationship on those terms. Many people say thy are comfortable with certain things and are really not. An escort ay say she wants to quit but at the same tie ay feel resentful that she has to. A gentlemen say he wants his girlfriend to keep escorting, but really wants her to quit. When people are not honest with themselves, it can be even more destructive than not being honest to their partner.

Do Relationships Escorts Are In Usually Fail?

Well given the fact any people are in different relationships at different stages of their life - those relationships have failed. So they fail all the time. Does being an escort n a relationship make it's success much harder? Well yes, as the job they do can be counter productive to being part of a stable relationship. Emotions are the most powerful human factor. Love as they say makes people do and think strange things. Strange in the sense of an individual level where that person will act in a way they may never have foreseen they would. Many people have a history or what you would call 'baggage'. Being comfortable with, understand and most importantly accepting those issues really is what will make or break it all. Some gentlemen will just never understand the issues and baggage that escorting brings. They somehow turn a blind eye subconsciously, while thinking everything will just be fine. When problems arise, it is that lack of being able to understand and accept which causes the real problems. As you may be aware of problems lead to arguments, and arguments lead to unhappiness. So there are certain aspects of escorting that can cloud the emotional priorities of being in a monogamous relationship. Even for escorts, who essentially are providing companionship only dates, it is the lack of emotional exclusivity that their partner may struggle to deal with.