One Night Stands

Even though 100% of people won;t admit admit, the vast majority of adults have either contemplated or had a one night stand. This type of rendezvous is not about roses, romance and chocolate, but the carnal desires of red blooded people who want no strings attached fun and sex. Many people engage in such activity after meeting someone on a night out or if they are away on holiday in another country. Sometimes the moment makes people get carried away and maybe do something they would not normally do. Many one night stands involve alcohol. The famous term "beer goggles" means that the more alcohol somebody drinks, the more attractive others around them start to become. So many young adults who go out on a Friday and Saturday night often drink in excess and end up having one night stands. Obviously it seems fun at the time but there are risks involved. the biggest is the threat of STD's. There has been a sharp rise in many sexually transmitted diseases in the UK. More awareness needs to be given as more and more people get them. The most ironic statistic is more and more over 45's are getting STD's from one night stands. They might be mature, but not have the awareness of today's young adults and maybe think the same rule doesn't apply to them.

Emotional Impact Of One Night Stands

The other side is the emotional impact. While they say men have a different attitude towards sex and can disconnect feelings away from sex easier, women do not. Many young women engage in one night stands that they didn't even know were only going to be that. The emotional impact of this type of behavior can impact them in the long term and change their attitudes towards men, sex and relationships. With the growth of porn being so increasingly accessible on the web many peoples attitudes when it comes to sex and relationships have become distorted. One thing to remember if you are going to engage in one night stands is to use protection. The best form is condoms. It can protect against most infections. Funny to think now that newly divorced people in their fifties make up for a noticeable percentage of one night stands. They may have been married for 20 or 30 years and only ever had a sexual relationship with their wife or husband. Dating is new to them so they end up having a series of sexual encounters, just to get back in the swing of things. For others it just happens unintentionally. Some see it as sexual freedom as they have been confined probably to an unhappy, sexless marriage. There is an interesting article on the Ask Men website. It actually gives tips on one night stands. It makes for an interesting read. Today 'apps' like Tinder make one night stands as easy as a swipe of a finger. Technology is connecting people together at an instant. The current generation is more liberated, sexually. Nobody knows what (if any) repercussions there will be.

Not About Sex

Many people even in relationships have one night stands. They may be having problems in the marriage, a diminished sex life or just suffering from self esteem issues. Some people however just like to have sex and cheat. However people are forgetting the companionship and romantic side of interaction between adults. It is possible to enjoy each others company without engaging in sex. Many gentlemen book escorts for time and companionship only. They simply want a fun date, no sex and just to be in the company of a stunning woman. When people lack the basics of love, attention and recognition, they feel less of a person. This can lead to depression and low self esteem. Sometimes it is just about simple, non-sexual companionship. Simple company, a conversation, somebody taking an interest in your life. However often it can lead to sex, because the person feels that is the only way to get the other persons attention or for them to stay interested. Many people are opting for just friendly, exciting companionship only dates. No sex, ju6t company. The companionship only escort service enables you to just enjoy the simple company of an attractive and fun loving beauty. You could be stressed at work and simply require some company for a a few drinks at a local swanky bar. Maybe you feel lonely and want to go on a dinner date one evening? It's widely noted that escorts in east London are regarded as sensationally attractive. Why not book a companionship only outcall with them?