Removing Fake Escort Pictures

The online escort market is very diverse and the websites for independents and agencies provide a resource for people to search services / escorts. The majority showcase portfolio online galleries with many images taken in different locations, poses and attire. Some agencies and independents have been outed as using fake pictures. So the lady in the picture is often a model where the picture has been stolen and used to showcase a fake person. How many escorts and agencies that do it is an uncertain figure, but it comes to a stage where many models have been forced to do all they can to get their pictures removed. This can be quite distressing for the lady in question as they don't want to be misrepresented and certainly in the forum of the escort market, which many see as taboo. These people are engaging in copyright infringement. So are libel to be held accountable and in most severe circumstances sued.

The Dishonest Escort

For whatever reason an escort may steal somebody else picture to pass it off as their own. Some do it to keep their own identity hidden. Others may not feel they are attractive enough and want to find a picture of a lady who is. The remainder can not be bothered to get professional pictures of themselves taken and it is easier and fa more cheaper to steal others. When it comes to agency escorts, some approach the agency with fake pictures. Agencies need to have good policies in place to very the authenticity of the picture. If they put the image on their website then they will be held accountable at the end of the day for copyright infringement. So if in doubt, do not use the picture on your website.

Escorts Are Also Affected

It is not just published models that get their pictures stolen and used. Other escorts find out people / websites have stolen their pictures. So somebody is making money off pictures they have paid for. In escort forums and message boards this sought of bad practice is often flagged and highlighted. In most cases after a few e-mails the picture is removed as the website in question doesn't want the hassle of a DCMA notice which will effect them.

If you have a website and suspect that there are fake escort pictures on them, then do the right thing - remove them immediately.