Escorts Using Hotels

Escorts have been visiting hotels for years as part of the 'outcall service'. They are known as hotel escorts and they visit clients who are staying at posh hotels. Many clientele are gentlemen who are staying in a city (for example, London) on business. They may be only there for a few days and when they have fulfilled all there work commitments, they want to spend some leisure time. Part of that time could be meeting up with an escort. If you have ever stayed at a top hotel and see a young, beautiful lady (acting very discreetly), you may have thought to yourself "is she an escort". However times have changed an many independent escorts are now using hotels as their outcall location. they can facilitate an escort booking there, discreetly and it is of great convenience to both them and clients. The added incentive of a client travelling away from where they work and live and enjoying a date in the most discreet fashion possible. The escort will usually confirm their room number. In such luxurious surroundings it adds to the romantic feel of the date.

The problem is that it may be viable for the escort, but is it viable for the hotel? Many hotels openly say they do not discriminate against escorts and once they conduct themselves in a discreet fashion, they are 'OK' with it. However others do not take so kindly to escorting being conducted. The job can be seen as sleazy (as there is a wide spectrum to how people provide escort services) and they do not want to tarnish their reputation. Independents book a luxury sweet and sometimes can accommodate many bookings a day from their hotel suite location. However this is not just restricted to 5 star hotels, many 4 and 3 star hotels are seen as the better choice. They provide a cheaper alternative and are gain very convenient. There has been some outrage by some hotels who don't want this to be associated or taking place there. There was even in incident reported in the media online about escorts who attracted a women in a lobby. they thought she was a rival escort. Click Here to read the article.

Whether you agree with it or not, you have to abide by the policies hotels have. If you are unsure then check with them first, out of courtesy. Although some escort companions are so discreet they may feel that is not an option. Many independents can actively be seen promoting the hotels they use. This information isn't hidden it is widely seen on the web in many escort forums, escort websites and message boards. So the hotels in question are not oblivious to this. How they are combatting it is not widely known, but yo must assume they have relevant measures in place. From paying the price of the hotel suite and what they charge for an escort service, you can be sure they make a good profit from their dates.

Not Just Outcalls

Escorts are not just using hotels as a place to facilitate their dates. They often use it as a location to take pictures to put on their website gallery. The top glamour photographers sometimes are too expensive for some escorts. So if they can get a good photographer, who may not have a good studio, but can take excellent photos - all they need is the perfect location. With glamour shots, the scenery and background are of huge importance. they have to be lavish and classy. Hotel suites are seen to be the perfect place that have those visual attributes. So when it comes to taking pictures an escort who hire a suite for a few hours and get their photographer to meet them there. With a backdrop of lavish furniture and stylish decor, they can get better photos than being in a studio, stuck in front of a white screen. Hotels have stated to realise this. They can not mistake the background of some of these photos; they can recognise their rooms instantly. There was an interesting article written online in the media about an escort who used a certain hotel in the UK, to take her pictures. A high class escort called 'Helen Jones' featured in the story. It was reported that the hotel management was shocked to find out that she had taken pictures there. Click Here to read the article.