Thinking Of Becoming A Male Escort?

Are you thinking of becoming a male escort? Well if you held this thought about 10 years ago then it wasn't that it was a taboo question - more of was it a viable one? Times have changed and there certainly is a demand for male escorts. Women are becoming more open to the idea. You will find with more career driven women they lack the time to find a suitable date. They have given up on online dating as they have had terrible dates. They have less time to socialise due to their demanding workload, but still require that male companionship. How many single women are fed up when it comes to being invited to a wedding or elite party, that they have to go alone. If you just see the rise in online articles, especially in tabloids of more women booking male escorts today - you can see there is a demand for it.

So if you are thinking of becoming a male escort then you have to do your research. First and foremost it is best to go about it independently. A Over the past 5 years there has been many instances of fake male escort agencies who have duped and conned many men out of money. So the safe bet is to not join an agency but become an independent male escort. That means you do not work for an agency and are responsible for your own booking management. Also you are responsible for your own advertising. The best bet is to read articles about women who have booked escorts. Find out what they look for in a male escort and why they book them.

Tips For Male Escorts

Getting started can seem daunting. Especially as male escorts are rare compared to female ones. The market is not that big and you have to really go about things in a creative and professional manner if you want to succeed as a male escort. Here are some tips.

You need to be confident. You don't have to look like a top male model, but being good looking can't hurt. Read men's magazine on style and even grooming. taking pride in your physical appearance is important. Maybe join a gym. It will be good to keep fit and it inspires more confidence in you, the healthier your lifestyle.