Escorts On TV

Over the recent years escorts have been highlighted on TV through dramatized roles in soaps and dramas. For example there is a story line in Coronation Street of a male escort. The most popular dramatization about escorts has been the series, Secret diary Of a Call Girl, which starred Billy Piper as an agency escort in London. This featured on British television on ITV and ran for four series from 2007 to 2011. It was inspired by the blog and subsequent best selling books based on the high class escort, Belle de Jour. Many people who are new to the escort scene or who are thinking about becoming one, watch these shows as a guide to the market. There was an interesting documentary aired on Channel 4 called 'My Granny The Escort'. It focused on the lives of really mature woman (aged over 50) and how their experiences providing escort services. It did drum up some controversy as it was discovered on of the women in the documentary was in fact X Factor contestant Katie Waissel's grandmother. Subsequent after that discovery the escort in question was all across the tabloids. She even appeared on on a popular daytime TV interview. Dramatizations from the viewpoint of an individual escort (with scriptwriters doing correct research) can be a great thing. The new series Blue is an American drama features the well known actress Julia Stiles. It premiered on television on the 2nd March 2015. but many people in the market think that sometimes escorts on TV have no bearing to the reality of the industry. It's plot focuses on a single mother who works as a high class escort.

Some have said that there needs to be a more wider portrayal of escorts on TV from a more diverse viewpoint. Dramas research story lines and some research can come from escorts in the market, past and present. So there are some accurately produced representations and some very inaccurate ones. Whether it opens the minds of people or further adds to the stigma is something that needs to be closely looked at, however many soaps are showing escorts and the market as part of their dramatization and there are going to be many mor to follow.


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