Harassment Of Escorts

Escorts encounter many different types of people as clients. For most of the time these individuals are perfectly behaved, but sometimes they will encounter those who choose to do the opposite. Many escorts complained of being harassed by clients and the impact it can have on their lives can be very devastating. It may start of as more frequent phone calls than usual. Even though they may seem related to the services the escort provides, the frequency of these calls are not justified. It may range from arguing or trying to haggle on the price, to very strange requests. Dates are set but the start of the trouble is when the client does not turn up at all. There are many occurrences of this happening and the client in turns leaves negative feedback on escort review sites about the escort in question. As these are vital to attract more clientele it can be harmful for future bookings. Then low level threats can start. Whatever the nature of the threat, escorts should take this seriously. Not acting upon them will only leave room for more threats that can increase in danger.

There are harassment laws out there to protect everyone. The first step is to speak to a legal professional who can advise you on the law and your best options. You should make it very clear to the person harassing you to stop. This doesn't have to be done via a call but simply a text. You should never threaten them in return as that will only inflame the situation and you yourself get into trouble. The vast majority will see sense to stop contacting you. However if they do persist on a number of occasions after that, then you do have enough evidence to show that you are being harassed.

There are various things that you can do to safeguard yourself. You could highlight the number to go straight to voice mail from the harasser. That way you will never have to speak to them. You can refuse to answer private numbers. In more extreme cases you can change your number altogether. There are various websites for escorts where they warn others of potentially dangerous clients. Many refer to it to check whether the person harassing them has a history of it towards other escorts.

Phone harassment is one thing, but when the person in question turns up on your doorstep, it enters a very dangerous zone. That is when it could lead to stalking. If you feel you are being followed or if the person in question is always around in close proximity wherever you go, then you need to take the situation very seriously. Contact the police and get some legal advice. Make sure that you are always out in public places, update the security to your home and always let somebody who you trust know where you are. It may be beneficial to confide in a friend if you can, so they are aware of your situation. Many escorts feel there is no help out there or they won;t be taken seriously when it comes to harassment, but that is not true. The law is there to protect everyone.

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