Violence Against Escorts

The sad reality facing all escorts is that they are at a higher risk of violent attacks against them. The nature of the work often means they are meeting in effect when it comes to first time clients - complete strangers. Like anything in life there will always be bad people, with bad intentions who will target a certain demographic as easy pickings. Due to the stigma attached to escorting many violent attacks are carried out against escorts and many of these attacks go unreported to police. Many escorts feel they will be blamed and not treated fairly due to their profession. For some agency escorts they feel they have a sense of duty to not involve the police as they want to concentrate on their escorting and not bring the agency into disrepute. Any escort who has been violently attacked should be given the support to take that very brave step and contact the police. Violence against escorts, violence against anybody is totally unacceptable and has no place in a civilised society.

Escort agencies and escorts themselves can take certain steps to safeguard themselves. By letting people know their whereabouts, the vetting services of potential clientele, to security systems in place for escorts who provide incalls are just some instances of safety and prevention against violence. There has been over the years a real rise in reported incidents of violent attacks and murders of escorts. This is a situation where stigma on a whole industry has to be replaced with the instant necessity to safeguard all escorts from such violence.

The alarming aspect of violence against escorts is that it is not just down to clientele. There are illegal escort agencies operating where they conduct violence against escorts who are part of the agency. Many ladies are threatened with violence to work against their will. Agencies and authorities need to work hand in hand to combat this rise in violence. Illegal escort agencies are the reason for the stigma and rightly so. If you have any knowledge about any incident of violence against an escort, find the courage to report it to the police immediately. This goes for any illegal agencies who are conducting violence against escorts as well. You have to go to the police and report them without hesitation.

Many agencies who provide outcall services do have professional drivers who transport escorts to and from dates. This is not the case for many independent escorts, who are literally undertaking bookings without anybody having any knowledge of their whereabouts etc


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