Free Escort Adverts

If you have an escort service, then advertising / promoting that service can be the key to its success. There are many factors involved, like finding the best places to advertise and your advertising budget. So many escorts and agencies go down the path of free escort adverts. However, are they any good? Like the saying goes you don't get something for nothing. Also, nothing is free in this world is another famous saying. So you have to understand the most effective advertising is going to be paid advertising on the most effective mediums ( escort directories etc) Do not base your whole advertising policy on creating free escort adverts. At most you might one or tow enquiries. That is not based on a day, it could be one or two in a week if you are really lucky, but usually every month or so. Most free escort advert mediums are not for the benefit of you but for the people who provide that service. So remember when it comes to free adverts, it is good if you advertise on a relational, highly respected website in that manner, but from the purposes of business, you can not rely solely on it.

Tips For Choosing Free Adverts


1) Some of the best and biggest directories give you a free advert. It is OK to take them up on the offer. Usually you will have to link back from your website on the first page, but it can help with SEO.

2) Beware of advertising on websites that have little or no web history. In terms of web traffic, they won't provide you any good amount. Plus linking to them can harm your website on major search engines, including Google.

3) Escort forums who allow you to advertise your service are always a good place to advertise. Especially if it is a big and well respected one. A lot of potential clients use forums and if you are a new service you could get some initial custom from there.

4) Do not take out free escort adverts on obscure business directories. They are not really relational to you service. You provide a specialist service and of an adult nature, so stick to websites who solely concentrate on your market.

5) If you do go ahead with a free advert make sure all the information is correct and you provide website and contact details.


Free escort advertising is appealing beacuse it is free, but ensure you have a really sensible marketing plan in place for your service.