Best Places To Advertise Your Escort Website

When it comes to independents and agencies - advertising is one of the most important things to them. Get it wrong and you won't get many enquiries about your service. Online seems to be the most effective and viable way to advertise. With the growth of the internet and also mobile internet usage - everybody focuses their efforts on the internet. Online is the real battlefield for promotion and advertising. Escort directories and forums are usually the first port of call to advertise an escort service. However over the years there has seen a huge rise in directories providing free and paid advertising. It can be a real minefield and as not everybody has an endless stream of advertising money - knowing the best websites is essential. So when it comes to the best places where are they? Who are they? What are the best options? Many new agencies and independents often gravitate towards the free escort directories. this is a fast way to visually get the website out there online. However how much quality web traffic does it bring? could you rely solely on using free escort advertising to get escort bookings everyday? Well the answer to that is no. It is well documented online in escort forums and discussion boards that for escort agencies it is nothing to be relied upon. However for independent escorts some do have some joy through that advertising medium. The online market is different for independents than for agencies. Most paid advertising options for escort services are aimed at escort agencies. Why that is proves an interesting talking point and there is no clear answer; only things that can be speculated upon.


For independents the majority of directories cater for them. However the main bulk of advertising always seems to be agencies. When looking for a website to advertise on, the key is to determine the most relevant to your service and then the one that gets the most website visitors. So for example geographically is a good way to advertise. People tend to search for escorts in their area first, then diversify into the type of escort they require etc. If you provide a nice service then look for a directory that specializes in it. For example fetish escorts should focus on fetish websites in the market ... and so on. The key is to look at the websites that have the best web positions on major search engines, as they are most likely to get the most web visitors. It is always good to double check their stats for visits before you advertise. Also you have to have a website traffic tracker for your site to know what adverts are working. So web position is key. The flip side is going for directories that have built up a brand and name for themselves. they may not be page one of Google for example, but they have a loyal following of website users. By doing simple research, looking at which escorts and agencies are on there ... to even checking their web domain age are all good indicators.

The Best Escort Directories

There are escort directories that have been online for years and have a dedicated online following. The best are visually brilliant, showcase many escorts and are regularly updated. Also from an administration point of view they have the the most professional, so the directory only provides quality information and pictures. Some are quite particular to who they allow to advertise their escort service. There are certain criteria that an escort or agency has to match. The biggest are usually ranked very highly on major search engines. So they get a huge volume of web traffic. Knowing that many escort services will want to advertise on them. Naturally they choose the ones that can bring them the best traffic.

The Ever Changing SERPS

The problems many escort services face on deciding where the best place to advertise is the ever changing search engines. For example an escort agency may take out a 6 month advertising package on a directory. Only to find three months into their advertising campaign the directory has dropped in web ranking. So you have to have good knowledge to see who are the most consistent in web ranking. New directories can come into the 'serps' but can they maintain that position. It may be a risk to advertise on them. Like the saying goes; here today and then gone tomorrow.

Here are some of the best places to advertise:

Adult Work - (visit website) One of the leading places for independent adult entertainers and escorts to advertise. They also provide a excellent place for duo escorts and agencies to promote their services as well. With so many features that are unique to only themselves, this directory has a loyal following and is very popular.

Punternet (visit website) - Another leading website for agencies and escorts. They have built up their web dominance for years and have a loyal following. They were also in the news when Harriet Harman wanted to shut them down. They have a wonderful reviews section as well as a section for touring escorts.

London Escort Guide (visit website) - The leading London escort directory for showcasing agencies. It is usually the most sought after advertising space for all agencies in London.

UK Adult Zone - (visit website) A UK based directory that provides listings for independents and agencies. It also showcase massage parlours and dominatrix / mistresses.

Cherry Girls - (visit website) Another top escort directory focusing on London and one of the most popular for independent escorts advertising on it.

Free escort directories are OK for some independent but can not be the sole source of promoting your escort service.