PSE Escort In Earls Court - Escort Experience

I am a retired landscape gardener due to ill health following a work related accident. My passion for innovation, structure, style and flair when it came to sculpting landscapes and gardens never left me. Being divorced for nearly 8 years I have grown to really like the single life. Men my age however are very boring and critical of life. It is like they carry around all this baggage of emotional weight and frustration and have to unload it on me when ever we enter conversation. When I was married I was quite reserved and my wife was very conservative. We never had fun or romance. too be quite honest I was bored of her and welcomed the divorce. It meant we could stop pretending to be happy. So many men find themselves looking at life and thinking if only. Yes, the missed chances, the reasons why they didn't take more of a chance or venture into a different direction. Before you know it, you are middle aged, got a beer belly and feel unattractive. You see all your single friends having fun and think where has life gone all these years?

About a few years ago my interest with the adult entertainment industry in the USA began. It started from a simply watching an adult movie one day. Then watching more and learning more about the adult film stars and then becoming fans. Joining fan sites, then becoming very interested in the industry as a whole. It did fill a void in an unhappy life I was leading. It was not on the level of an addiction, however it became a hobby. It was the fantasy side of it. When do you really get to see let alone meet sexy women with so much sensual confidence? For me it was about escapism. There were even a few escort porn websites that caught my eye. It was a very small niche but I thought it was one that had full potential. I was even thinking of going to an adult entertainment expo in LA, but backed out at the last minute. Which I regret. However there was an adult expo coming up at Earls Court, but I didn't want to go alone. Could this be another missed opportunity where in my later years I would come to regret? Was now the turning point in my life, where I had the confidence to put me first for once?

So I decided to book a very busty PSE (porn star escort) from a leading agency in London to accompany me to the expo. I am thinking she will be right at home and I will have my very own adult film star all to myself. She was a stunning British blonde, with 34DD, long blonde hair and a very cheeky smile. Gorgeous body. When we met she was very bubbly and friendly. She was simply excited to go. Some of her idols were going to be there. Just imagine I am so excited for meeting her and she is so exited meeting other film stars. So by being able to go on an escort booking worked out for her so well. We laughed and a great time discussing the movies she had been in. At first I was quite shy and even embarrassed talking about that stuff. She never belittled me or made me feel uncomfortable. For once in my life I had met a very open minded lady where I felt I could be myself around her. I met all of my favourite adult movies tars. Got lots of autographs and my escort was very attentive and made me feel special. It was one of the wildest days of my life and an experience I will remember and treasure always.

I spent a whole day with a with a stunning busty, PSE escort in Earls Court and lived a fantasy that I thought was unlivable.