Elite Dinner Date Escorts In London

The most luxurious, professional, exhilarating and cultured (COMPANIONSHIP ONLY) fine dining escort companions in all of London. For all booking enquiries contact our specialist elite dinner date hotline on

London has some of the finest restaurants in Europe. Many of them Michelin star rated. Fine dining experiences for affluent individuals and couples have seen a significant increase over the past decade. It is a fact that over 95% of current London escort agencies do not feature the right caliber of female elite dinner date escorts whom classy clientele are expectant of. You only have to read the only reviews where classy clientele have been left fuming, disappointed and angry about the quality of fine dining companion they booked. Regardless of somebody's physical appearance (however beauteous) if they turn up to a dinner date intoxicated, incoherent, acting in an embarrassing fashion and certainly not accustomed to luxurious environments, the experience can be catastrophic. Our services are exclusive to (but not limited to) Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Hampstead, Fulham, Covent Garden, Marylebone, Hyde Park, Fitzrovia, Belgravia, Docklands, Canary Wharf, Farringdon, Soho and Park Lane. There are other areas in London which are growing increasingly cosmopolitan

Where many of these agencies may feature visually beautiful ladies, when it comes to their intellect, personality and demeanor, they lack all the right attributes affluent individuals expect. To the point that many people have become disillusioned by the elite dinner date escort market. First Call Escorts is turning the tide back to professionalism, transparency, quality and experience. All of our elite dinner date escort companions are among the most naturally beautiful, highly intellectual, well travelled, university degree educated and experienced female companions in the London region. They all lead luxurious lifestyles, have worked or are currently working in the high positions in leading industries and very open-minded. They have all the qualities which qualify them to be a genuine elite fine fining companion. Their clientele consists of:

  • VIP Businessmen/Executives (UK Based & Internationally)
  • The Most Affluent Socialites
  • Celebrities
  • World Leading Influencers
  • The Classiest Of Individuals

Fun Fact - Did you know the National Geographic published a list of the top 21 best food cities in the world? You may have guessed it, London has proudly topped that list. London even has the only 2 star Michelin pub in all of England. So even beyond restaurants it has the best gastro-pubs in the United Kingdom.

Feel free to look at the TimeOut Restaurant Guide To London as it is one of the best online resources to find the best places to dine in the city.

What Is The Elite Dinner Date Escort Experience?

The elite dinner date escort experience is the most luxurious, discreet and enjoyable fine dining companionship service in all of London. For a minimum two hour booking, you can dine in the company of the most naturally beautiful, elegant and highly intelligent female companions in London. You will be in the company of genuinely intellectual beauties who come from professional backgrounds and work in leading industries. Conversation will be relaxed, diverse, intelligent, fun-loving and as light-hearted/specific as you require. As the client you are expected to:

  • Successfully book a table at the top restaurant of your choice and confirm the booking
  • Take care of all costs for the meal for you and your elite dining companion
  • Not be intoxicated for your dinner booking and to act in a respectful manner at all times
  • Dress smartly for the dining experience and be very well presented
  • To not pressure your elite dinner date escort to drink alcohol or participate in taking any controlled substances

Picture being in the company of the most attractive, down to earth and intellectual woman? Go on, visiualise it for a second. Your expectations should evoke emotions of excitable expectation. However, to reiterate the point and this has been week documented on polls on leading escort websites, 95% of affluent individuals seeking fine dining companions are left utterly disappointed. We understand this is a specialist service and therefore requires a very special lady. We honestly care about our reputation and maintaining/improving upon long standing service. It is the only way we continue to flourish and feature the most luxurious fine dining companionship services, which we want clientele to continue to post their positive feedback online for all to see. Every aspect about this luxurious service from a client's initial enquiry, to pre-booking and post-booking care is expertly managed. We understand that every client has specific needs regarding the service and approach it in the manner as a bespoke services in many of its key elements.

You will be in the company of a lady who is up to speed with domestic/world politics and a wide range of topics which involve critical thinking and a high intellect. The icing on the cake is these delightfully charismatic ladies have such a wonderful sense of humour, are experts at lighthearted conversation and have lead and currently still lead very interesting lives. They are city professionals in areas of management, so expect them to be very self-assured and possess absolute self-confidence. They are very easy to get on with an expect you to be fully respectful to them at all times. They have no problems to simply get up and leave if you do not conduct yourself in a respectful manner. The one attribute they all have is exceptional good looks. the type of beauty other women are envious. Their attractiveness is what you daydream and fantasise about. Finally, you have the opportunity to meet a respectful, intelligent, beautiful and experienced fine dining companion - guaranteed. It is the breath of fresh air you have been seeking and one that will transform your life for the better.

How Much Does Fine Dining Companionship Cost?

All elite dinner date experiences are for a minimum of two hours. The cost of the service is £1000 (for 2 hours fine dining companionship) and is payable as soon as you meet your beautiful female companion. 25% of the fee (£250) is required before the booking as a non-refundable booking fee. We understand that sometimes things come up last minute and you may need to cancel. The non-refundable booking fee is there to compensate your chosen escort companion for the inconvenience of the cancellation. Additional hours are £500 per hour and are too required payable to the escort on arrival. Your escort companion has the right to terminate the service at any stage if they feel uncomfortable. Whilst the vast majority of our clientele behave in an impeccable and respectful manner, sadly there is the odd occasion where somebody's conduct is unacceptable.

Why Book The Stylish Company Of Our Elite Dinner Date Escorts?

Our escort agency are not blowing our own trumpet. The reality is that the vast majority of escort agencies featuring fine dining companions, are actually not in fact fine dining companions. They are simply women with heavily airbrushed pictures who do not have the experience, personality, or ability to dine successfully at the most luxurious restaurants in London. They are not degree-educated, do not genuinely live a luxurious lifestyle, have no experience working in the corporate world and are not well travelled. Are elite fine dining escorts are the opposite and have both brains as well as beauty. We care about our reputation and the longevity of such an affluent companionship only escort service. Our recruitment process sees 97% of applicants being unsuccessful of being featured on our agency website as an elite fine dining companion. Here are the attributes our beauties have and are not matched upon in the whole of London. They are:

  • Exceptional Natural Beauty - It is simple you either have it or you don't. Luckily for our agency and for your as a prospective client, our featured elite dinner date escorts have perfect good looks. A natural attractiveness that words fail to describe. Even their pictures have to bow down to their beauty in person. They have the most beautiful smiles, the most striking features, the smoothest skin and the prettiest faces. You may even feel slightly intimidated at first at just how effervescent and beautiful they are. Rest assured they are very down to earth and you will instantly feel relaxed in their stylish presence.
  • The Most Elegant Appearances - Appearance is everything in specific walks of life and is certainly important when it comes to fine dining experiences. As they have the most luxurious lifestyles, have had to attend the most affluent work functions and socialise in the most upmarket, high class circles. When it comes to attire, expect it to be well-coordinated, smart, stylish, elegant and lavish where necessary. As they have flawless figures, they can wear the most figure-hugging outfits that the vast majority of women simply can not.
  • A Very High Intellect - From the conversations they have to the circles they socialise in, it all centres around having a very high intellect. These beauties simply have intellectual conversations on a daily basis about the most important matters regarding finance, technology, politics, leisure, culture, arts and history. As they are city professionals they understand the business world as they flourish at it in their own professions. They know how to set a goal and work to reach it. Many are business owners but all hold positions in management.
  • A Very Open Mind - The online escort industry still has a certain taboo attributed to it. As this is strictly a non-sexual, companionship only service, there is still a slight stigma attached. However, these ladies are very adventurous and open-minded individuals. They like to encounter new experiences and certainly have encountered many interesting experiences in life through their professions away from escorting and their social circle.
  • The Perfect Palate - As seasoned elite dinner date companions they have a seasoned palate. They have tasted the best English, British, French, Italian, Scandinavian. North African, Asian, Japanese, Mexican, Caribbean, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisines. All at the finest restaurants in London, certain areas of the UK and across the world. Remember they are all well-travelled so they have genuine experience and an experienced palate. There is no way you can hoodwink them with a poor quality restaurant.

The Booking Process

This page features the ONLY elite dinner date escorts in London. Our escort agency does feature many other companions who provide dinner date companionship, but this service is a the most exclusive and luxurious. It is important to state again this service is for a minimum of two hours and clientele do have the options to extend the service by one or several more hours. We STRONGLY ADVISE that you book this service a minimum of 4 hours before your restaurant booking to ensure you have the best chance to secure the booking. All our featured female companions are in high demand so book early to avoid any instance of disappointment. All service extensions are payable effective immediate. Here is how the booking process works. 5 easy steps:

  1. Take a look at the companions featured on this page and learn more about them. They have gone through an extensive recruitment process and an evaluation period. We also do in-depth interview with them that we feature on their profile page. Remember these companions are exclusive to this section and not our main escort galleries as they are the most luxurious companions and we have to differentiate.
  2. When you have found your perfect companion, contact our agency and we can talk through your requirements.
  3. Once you have made the restaurant booking, contact us back and we can check the availability of your chosen escort companion. Confirm the date and time of your restaurant booking we can go ahead and make that booking for you. At this stage you will pay a 25% booking fee (£250).
  4. We will then get your chosen escort to contact you for a small phone conversation to introduce themselves and have a small chat. This icebreaker is beneficial for both the escort and the client.
  5. We will call you two hours before the booking to see if you have contacted the restaurant to make sure that your booking is confirmed You do not want to turn up at the restaurant and find out that your booking is not on your chosen restaurant's booking system.

Indulge in your favourite cuisine at a top London restaurant in the luxuriously elegant presence of the sexiest female fine dining companions you will ever encounter.