Escort Videos

They say a picture can tell a thousand words. So what can a video do? What is starting to emerge is the use of escort video to promote their services. Everybody in the 21st century in the UK is used to being bombarded with commercials on TV, so we are used to moving images, video etc So it is natural that there is a progression from photos to video, giving clients a real representation of the companion, in moving imagery. Escort videos are very new to the market and very few agencies have video portfolios. Some have included short clips of escort video along with the standard picture portfolio on their websites. What is interesting to see is the longer established agencies starting to incorporate escort video profiles. Obviously web technologies have vastly improved over the years. Especial mobile web technologies where people can view media discreetly on their smart phones. What is the biggest obstacle agencies face who want to make videos? Well there are two; firstly it is costly. Obviously thy want high quality HD video, so it is going to cost a lot of money. Secondly the logistics of it all. Some agencies have 30 - 40 escorts. So arranging a video shoot for that any escorts is going to be extremely difficult; if not impossible.

Again why are more newer escort agencies not using escort video? Well it boils down to time and expense. It can be very time consuming and logistically impossible to shoot video up to 20 or so escorts. When it comes to editing the videos, that is where the huge costs are accumulated. However clients are now calling for the market to adopt video for a number of reasons. The main reason is that they believe a video will be more accurate. Pictures are good visual resources to refer to, but pictures do not give a real feel to the person. Video makes it more real to a potential client and that can give an added incentive for them to book with the escort service rather than search for another. Well showing the way are escort directories to some extent. They are allowing independents to upload videos of themselves to be part of the escort profile. If a picture describes a thousand words than a video must be a million. It adds some extra authenticity to a certain extent. Potential escort clients can compare the pictures to the video to confirm the escort is real. The video quality obviously varies. The top independent high class and VIP escorts are all about image. So they will invest in going to a professional to film their video. The rest make do with the videos on their smartphones. Some of the latest phons have a really good quality camera so escorts see it as ideal film quality to use.



First Call Escorts are researching and looking into possibly incorporating escort video for companions.