Escorts And Cosmetic Surgery - Escort News

A growing trend among within the escort community is for escorts to get cosmetic surgery done. People like to change and enhance different aspects of their appearance and body all the time. So escorts should be no different. However some get work done to themselves in a bid to make them more appealing to a certain niche in the market. For example busty escorts have a wide following. Some many escorts are getting "boob jobs" done increasing their cup size to even DD, so they fall into the extended niche category of super busty. These female companions often charge higher rates for their standard escort service. So their is an incentive there. Some escorts actually want to get into the glamour modeling industry. With so much competition into that market, cosmetic surgery, especially breast augmentation is the number one procedure sought after. London is home to some of the top cosmetic and plastic surgeons with Harley Street (in the Oxford Street region) the epicentre of the very best.

There are a growing number of escorts who feel by becoming a glamour model they would be more successful as an escort as they would have built up a fan base; through that they have a loyal list of potential clientele. So many see it as a business move where cosmetic surgery is an investment into their future wealth and status. Apart from major surgery many escorts like to get Botox. Especially if they are going out on exclusive dates to VIP parties or events, they want to look wrinkle free and picture perfect. Botox is a very common procedure and many women find it helpful to rid them of unwanted wrinkles, leaving them fresh faced and vibrant.

As the escort market, especially for independents gets more and more competitive, then more and more will push to change and enhance their appearance, spending thousands of pounds to do so.

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