Escorts and Marriage

When you think of escorts being married, it can raise the important point, "well how exactly does it work". The key thing you have to understand that as an escort like any profession it comes with certain dynamics and for a relationship, let alone a marriage to work, those dynamics have to work for both husband and wife. First and for most the most important thing is honesty. The escort has to be honest with their partner about their work and everting it entails. The partner has to be self confident, mature and trustworthy about all the element of the escort work their spouse does. So early disclosure about the work they do, builds bridges of trust. A man may feel that they should be getting all the love and attention from their partner as opposed to a complete stranger.

The nature of their work has to be out in the open for the marriage to work. Normal social companionship escort work means their spouse may have to attend dinners, parties or indulge in VIP or elite functions. An element of jealousy could erupt as the partner may not be as rich as the clients and may not be able to afford dinners at the top restaurants and lavish shopping trips. So the escort has to make their partner feel valued over their clients and that they give the most important aspect, which is love.

The other aspect of marriage and escorts is when married men book escorts. This is more common than people think. There are a number of marriages where the wife knows or even supports her husband booking escorts. They think it is a good way to keep their marriage healthy. At least they know that their husband is going on a date, rather than him doing it behind their backs. There are some men that find a good escape from relationship problems is to go on an escort date. It is a form of escapism, but ultimately doesn't solve the problem they are running away from.

Harsh Economic Times

Many people are suffering due to financial stress. Many businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, but bills still need to be paid. This can cause a real financial burden on people, as debts rack up. When a husband loses his job it can impact the finances severely. The wife is their to give moral support and while the husband does all his best to find new employment; the bills keep coming in. Sometimes the wife takes it upon herself to try and take away the stress from her husband. The fast route to quick cash can sometimes come through escorting. so the wife becomes an escort to make money and help with the household bills. 9 times out of 10, she keeps this new profession from her husband. She will just say that she has landed a dream job, but in reality there is a lot of sneaking around while she works as an escort. The obvious deception can put a mental strain on the wife and subsequently the marriage. The internet has seen many men find out their wives are escorts and it puts strain on the marriage. Often there is confusedness as the wife who does escorting because the husband has lost her job, has tried to help the situation. Have a read on this forum about a man who has found out his wife is an escort. He is two minds whether is wife should quit being an escort. The key to any healthy marriage is communication. When that breaks down, it can lead to all sorts of problems.

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Many escorts who are married have very happy marriages. it is all about communication and trust.