Exotic Escort In Banstead - Escort Experience

Life is a funny old game. One minute you are on top of the world - nice car, lovely wife and a great house in Banstead. Then the next minute you have lost your job, the house is taken away and your wife leaves you. No words can really explain the shock in the finality of it all. I had been through hard times before. I battled to get to a good place level of my profession as a marketing manager. However the times that we are in you can see company after company going under. I spent several days in bed feeling sorry for myself. I was a bit depressed but because I love going to the gym that saved me. My friends were great and even my ex wife's friends were sympathetic. Everybody helped me by making me dinner when I just didn't have the energy. Calling me up to cheer me up made a huge difference to my mood. I decided to stay in Banstead and get a one bedroom flat. I decided to just get a retail job to get busy and I loved it. My new workmates were a great laugh and I started to go out again. Everybody was saying that I should get back out there and start dating.

I started onlline dating and that was a disaster. The women I met were so bitter and very demanding. There was one lady who I liked but she just stopped returning my calls. At first I was a bit upset but then I was happy as I was looking for no strings dating. The internet is full of dating adverts and I had just about given up. Then I saw an escort advert. I never thought meeting an escort was an option. There is so much taboo about it. I know there are escorts who only provide company that is time and companionship. I just didn't want to put myself in an awkward position. So my interest led me to looking at many escort websites. I didn't want to travel far to see an escort. I wanted to meet one in my area. WOW. The beauty on show was amazing. I thought.. do they really look as attractive as they do in their pictures. I needed confirmation. The only way I was going to find out was if I booked an escort date. So then came the hours of looking through different escort websites. I made a shortlist of my favourite. Then came the four days of trying to find the courage to call an escort agency. I thought I have to call so I did.

There was this one exotic very beautiful escort that provided dates in my area. She was so beautiful and I was thinking there is no way she looks like that in real life. This exotic escort in Banstead had bronzed skin and very long legs. When I rang the agency I was very nervous. A lady answered the phone and she sounded very pleasant. I explained that I had never booked an escort before but she was very helpful. I thought, do I have the courage to ring the agency and book a date with this exotic escort? I enjoy eating out at nice restaurants. When life was good that is what I enjoyed doing with my wife. The day of my dinner date arrived and I was so nervous I was thinking of canceling. I was thinking maybe she would look at me and walk off. I decided to get to the restaurant early and sit at the bar area. I became fixated at the entrance and looking at every woman that walked in. The moment came and my escort elegantly walked through the door. I was in shock because she looked so beautiful. I raised my hand (bit silly when I reflect back on it) and she walked over to me. I introduced myself and after fifteen minutes I realised that conversation just flowed. I said I wasn't going to talk about my divorce but I brought it up. She was very understanding and gave me some great advice (even if she didn't realise).

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