Facebook Escorts

With the birth of social media escorts, the escort market has seen a shift into the way they advertise their services and connect to prospective clients. With the closing down of some prominent online directories that allowed escort services, many escorts and agencies have turned to social networking sites like facebook - giving birth to the Facebook escorts generation. Is it a good or bad thing. Well many reputable agencies that run their agencies professionally and law abiding argue that they should be allowed to advertise on Facebook. If other markets and sectors can create a facebook profile for their business then they should be allowed to in their eyes.

However in a field and market where sometimes there is a very fine line and there are many illegal escort agencies in operation, does it hold dangerous ground for facebook to allow such self promotion. Remember Craigslist and the scandal that rocked it. Could facebook afford that to happen? There are so many other ways for escorts and agencies to promote their business, does facebook really hold that golden value for escorts?

How can facebook validate what is a professional legal service to an illegal one? Does facebook hold any responsibility if things go badly wrong? these are the questions that need to be answered before any unfortunate occurrences happen. Many independent escorts see it as bread and butter to have a facebook page and many escort marketing companies have it in their package as standard to have a facebook escort page for their marketing client.

The jury is still out and social media website even though they seem to be been around for a while now, they are still in it infancy in many respects. So what does the future hold foe the relationship between two very contrasting markets?