Fantasy Escort In Radlett - Escort Experience

Any major life change can take some adjusting to. For me I broke up with my fiancée and what was the right decision, still caused hardship in my life. I moved to London and stayed there due to her being from there and also it was easier for work. Now, adjusting to being a bachelor again has seen this transition not be as smooth as I anticipated. For months I was contemplating should I get back with my ex-fiancée and then at the same time knowing that wasn't the best decision. So in terms of moving on I felt I needed to but still couldn't. I buried my focus in work and for some time focusing on my job as an accountant helped me. I moved back to Hertfordshire after 8 years of being in London. I felt it was the best decision to give myself a bit of much needed space being not far from the countryside gave me space to breathe. Going back to Radlett made it easier to meet up with old friends. They were actually glad to see me more often. So came the days and weeks, which turned into months of partying and drinking. Going out with my mates was fun, we drank lots and I had a great time. However, there was a part of me that still felt a bit empty; still felt a bit alone. So I decided I had to tackle this head on and really understand why I felt this emptiness. The process was a very difficult one and I spent most of time surfing the internet and reading articles about life. In between I would look at the beautiful women featured on escort agency websites. This turned into a bit of a hobby for me. It actually did help time to fly by a bit. I did try a bit of online matchmaking but the dating scene was just not for me. I just didn't have it in me to meet anybody new and I did meet a few weirdos that put me off.

I was amazed of the amount of escorts in the region. I had a thought one day if instead of the whole online dating thing, to simply book a date with an escort. Being in the company of a beautiful woman may just be the motivation I need to start fully living life again. So I set myself a goal to book a date with a lady of my choice by the end of the month. The process was a fun yet frustrating one as I simply could not decide who was my favourite. I found a top escort agency had a range of outcalls which looked really interesting. One escort service was called the 'fantasy' choice. Your date could be a fantasy experience. I have always wanted to pretend I was a high flying executive who had a sexy assistant. So I decided to book a discreet fantasy date with an escort in Radlett and I was nervous whilst doing the booking. The agency were very helpful and answered all the questions I asked. I arranged an outcall date with a sexy English blonde lady.

The day of the date had arrived and I was feeling very nervous. I couldn't understand why I felt this way. The booking was for a dinner date because I liked dining out at quality restaurants. Well, if you are going to dine out you might as well do it in style. I wanted to dress smart for the occasion and as I am in fantasy mode as a high-flying executive I decided to wear my best suit. I confirmed the dinner reservation at the restaurant and everything was fine. I decided to get to the restaurant half and hour early. I was at the bar area and ordered myself a double gin and tonic. That calmed my nerves down a bit. The time of the booking arrived an my escort date entered through the restaurant front entrance. She was so sexy I was in shock. I introduced myself and she also introduced herself. I will never forget the beautiful smile she had. Conversation flowed effortlessly and she was in the most stylish clothing. We enjoyed a very lovely meal and talked about life. I really felt like a top executive and being in the company of such a sexy woman really boosted my confidence. I felt like I had been depressed for too long and now was the time to start living life again.

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