Escorts For The Disabled Gentlemen

Escorts for the disabled is a very unique service and one that is not mainstream within the market. Many disabled gentlemen seek the companionship of escorts and looking at the market these services seem non existent. While many agencies may accept disabled clientele, this is certainly not visually advertised on their websites. There may need to be special provisions in place and if the service is not specialised to understand the individual needs of the client, then they can have a very poor experience. Some see escorts for the disabled as a taboo subject to discuss. Many disabled gentlemen like to socialise and they choose to with a beautiful women, it should raise no special negative attention.

It would be nice to see more agencies and independent escorts actively providing services and information about the services. Whilst there is the valid point of what types of disability can impact on a service, there certainly should be companionship services out there for people with certain disabilities. If you are blind or deaf, then it would help if the escort knew sign language or could act as a sight guide, ONLY if the client specifically requests it.

A good talking point is looking at an example. If a client was deaf would it be essential for the escort to know sign language?

Tell us what you think about the topic as we would love to hear your views.

Going back a few years there was in interesting article on the BBC website blog looking at disabled women and their use of male escorts.

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