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What are the most prestigious and glamorous type of escorts in London? Well they re referred to as high class escorts and they are amongst the most beautiful ladies in the whole UK; let alone the capital. . They are sought after by wealthy, VIP and famous gentlemen who are looking for the most lavish, attractive and sensational ladies to provide them companionship. High class escorts always have this stigma of being high class hookers. Like in any walk of life or industry there are always a percentage that conduct themselves unprofessionally or unlawfully. However there are some high class London escorts who provide companionship only services for rich gentlemen who fancy some sophisticated company. These very lavish beauties reside in the most affluent areas in central London and also other affluent areas like Chelsea, Fulham, Hampstead and Kensington. They dress to impress in the most expensive couture, they wear Versace, Gucci and Armani clothing - they have a lavish style about them. They have the powerful attractive presence to stand out in any crowd, but when they are on a booking; discretion is what they seek.

The Growing Trends

There is a growing trend of more elite escorts in Bayswater becoming common. The area is very trendy and more and more big businesses are locating there. So you find a higher influx of rich overseas businessmen arriving and wanting to go on exclusive dates with very beautiful women. Another growing trend that you will find are university students becoming high class escorts in London to fund themselves. With an economy in the UK which has been hit hard and tuition fees on the rise, many students struggle. There are some reported cases on students becoming escorts to fund their way through university and amassing massive amounts of money. One case reported in the media was of a student who amassed well over £300,000. However she did not pay any tax and was ordered to pay £120,000. It is essential that all these types of escorts pay the full amount of tax that they owe and ensure it is paid on time. So many students see that as the most viable way to make that sort of money in a short time frame. If working as an escort affects their studying, well that is a matter that has not been fully looked into. How many find it hard to stop escorting when they have completed their degree? Their are some really interesting questions that need to be answered on that issue. Have a read of this article online to find out a personal account of a student escort. Some escort agencies promote directly to them with the promise that they can earn up to £1000 a night as an escort. They have often used controversial methods by recruiting for new escorts via social media websites like Facebook.

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Undoubtedly these beauties showcased above are amongst the most stunning ladies you will ever see. They provide luxurious companionship and like the more lavish side, life has to offer.

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Where To Socialise?

VIP gentlemen in London are often very wealthy and socialise in some of the most prestigious, swanky and expensive places in the capital. They like to dine out at the best restaurants, so they are not looking for a normal, standard companion, they need a breathtakingly beautiful high class companion to make that occasion that more special. High class escorts in London live in the most luxurious flats. They like driving sports cars and you can always see them in the VIP area of the top London nightclubs. They always socialise at the most trendy places the capital is known to have. Men seem to fall at their feet and want to date them and shower them with gifts. High class escorts in the capital tend to work for the most prestigious agencies. Their rates for dates are very expensive and they are always in very high demand. They have a special quality about them. For example they have been a top fashion or glamour model. Also they could have been a porn star. So they have built up their own prestige before entering escorting, so their appeal as an escort is greater than others. This is reflected in their pictures as they can afford to get the best photography done, also they may have their own individual website created which showcases more pictures etc