International Travel Companions

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Planning a luxurious trip in 2017 / 2018? Need a sexy travel companion?

The specialist VIP companionship option for gentlemen or ladies who travel the globe on business. If you are a travelling businessman or executive, or simply a VIP gentlemen who wants to get away from it all on a luxury break, then we provide the best addition to your break. Our international travel companions are exclusive escorts who accompany you on your VIP holiday, so you can enjoy your trip with some excellent companionship as well. International travel companions are very well travelled and have graced the most prestigious cities around the world with clients. Showcased are London escorts who can accompany you on short trips to Paris, Rome, Florence, Geneva, Lisbon, Monaco, Cannes, Dubai, New York and many other destinations around the world. Sometimes gentlemen want to mix business with pleasure. Their busy schedule sometimes can allow for free time. When they are in such wonderful cities, they want to explore and experience all its wonders.

A typical international travel companion can speak more than one language, possesses immense beauty, dresses with high fashion and is very easy going. Our ladies are the cream of the crop of international escorts. The service starts even before you board the plane as you can take in a luxury pre-flight champagne lunch or dinner. Then enjoy a relaxing first class flight to your holiday destination; your travel companion may get some much needed sleep, but you can always politely wake her up with a glass of champagne. You will undoubtedly have a busy business schedule. However to be successful with many things in life, you need a balance. That balance will be your free, leisure time. To take your mind off work or a big pending business deal; an escort date could be what's needed. Also you may need their company in a business sense. Maybe a prospective business client has asked you out for dinner. His wife may be in attendance. So rather than attend just by yourself; to balance the numbers of the dining party, invite an escort companion. They can talk to your prospective business client's wife, while you talk business with the client. Remember not all business deals are are conducted in the board room, people like to see how others operate in different environments; especially a social one.

Travelling With International Escort Companions

Your international companion is there to compliment your break. they easily fit into your schedule and provide warm, laid back company. Maybe you like going on excursions, or you are a bit of a sporty person and like taking to the jet skis. If you need to do business abroad then your lady can occupy herself in the hotel and take in some spa treatments. Then when work is over you have time to play and explore the lovely country you travelled to. You can sunbathe together, enjoying lovely cocktails by the pool. You will watch in amazement as their sun kissed bodies glisten in the heat. You can go out for lunch and dinner, enjoy a night at a casino or go on a VIP excursion. VIP escort holidays are the most exciting experience you will ever encounter. Remember if you do require the companionship of an international travel companion, you are responsible for purchasing all airline / travel tickets. As well as all expenses (hotel, dining etc). Payment for the escort service is due in advance before you travel from the UK.

Escorts For Cruises

If you are a mature gentleman who is divorced, then your social life could start to decline. You were probably used to going on short breaks away abroad and holidays with your ex wife. You probably tried the whole dating scene and found that to be a very disappointing experience. You may have tried every online dating website possible, only to be left feeling very deflated by it all. Some gentlemen like to go on cruises. You may love the sea and travelling to different countries on a luxury cruise ship. You could book the company of a classy escort to accompany you on holiday. These sophisticated ladies provide the best companionship only holiday dates. Obviously you will have to pay for their cabin and all expenses. You will have a very friendly, outgoing lady who can provide that much needed company you seek. If you are friends with the captain, you ay be invited to his table to dinner. You will have the most stunning dinner date to dine with.

If you require the accompaniment of an international travel companion escort, then contact us today on 07775300878 for more information.

International Escort Tours

Many of the top VIP independents in the UK, provide international tours. They are the most established, beautiful and sought after independents. They have a unique attribute to them; like glamour model turned escort, or porn star who does escorting as well. They have a following in their other vocation, so naturally they pick up many clientele from the overseas fan base in which they have amassed. It is not common, but some agencies do provide this service. They usually tend to do this in cities like Barcelona, New York, Milan and Paris. You now find ex agency escorts who start up independently are trying top gain a foreign client base and start providing companionship for businessmen travelling overseas.