Italian Escort In Hayes - Escort Experience

As a filmmaker I have always had to be constantly creative. To think being born in Hayes I have navigated my life to gracing the big stage like Cannes for example. It is a tough job and I have had more failures than success. The same has to be said over my love life. Divorced twice and have just recently got out of a toxic relationship. The pressures of the film industry did play a role in both my marriages falling apart. Making films actually acted as a release and coping mechanism for those stressful times. It also served as good themes for a a couple of movies which I created. Love and relationships always play an integral role in most movies produced. I can relate to flawed characters as everybody has aspects about themselves they hope to improve. Are you perfect? I certainly am not perfect. I like to keep my professional life separate from my personal life. Life is much more simpler that way. I am lucky as I a have a great lifestyle. I have had to work so hard to get that type of life though. So I am a good catch but I feel most times women only want to be with me for the lifestyle I can offer them.

My life has been like one big movie to a certain extent. They say sometimes truth can be much stranger than fiction. The dates I have had in recent years have been beyond disastrous. I have met some really strange women through online dating. The last relationship I was in was a major disaster. She was controlling, critical, harsh and very jealous. Looking back at it all I do not understand why I stayed with her for so long. Online dating had put me off meeting anyone for a long time. I get invited to lots of VIP parties, film premieres and VIP events. It is not much going to them alone. I look like the odd one out going to events myself. So I decided it's time for a change. The only problem I had was where can I find a beautiful, intelligent and 'normal' lady. Then I thought well there has been occasions that I know friends in the film industry have booked an escort to attend a party or VIP event with them. So it seems like the most viable solution for me.

I looked online for hours at different escort agency websites. There are so many to choose from. I found a VIP escort agency that covered my location. One escort in Hayes represented the lady of my dreams. An exceptionally attractive, busty Italian blonde. I spent the next three hours looking at her pictures. I thought, do I have the courage to ring the agency and book a date with this Italian escort? I gathered the courage to call and the agency ere very friendly. The booking with this attractive Italian escort in Hayes was confirmed. As the day of the VIP event approached I became nervous. I kept thinking that I might back out of meeting my escort. I get shy around beautiful ladies. The agenda for the day was to meet up with my escort date for a VIP dinner date. Then we could attend the VIP event together. As I sat at the table of my favourite restaurant, in walked my date. She looked so beautiful, so elegant... I was lost for words. She had an amazing personality and such a confident aura. Conversation was fun, intelligent and adventurous. I can't think of a better time I've had going out for a meal. Then we went to the event together. All eyes were on me as I was in such beautiful company. Usually attending these events can end up being a boring experience. This time round I had so much fun.

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