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Hampstead is a luxurious area in north London, that the rich and famous tend to gravitate to reside there. You will find many £1million pound properties, including mansions. The residents are very trendy and many drive, fast, expensive cars. You will find it to be a very affluent area, filled with culture from the arts and music. From trendy book shops, cafes, expensive restaurants and exclusive bars, you certainly is a luxurious place to live. Many people live very lavish lifestyles in the area and many rich foreign overseas businessmen like to visit. Some even own property in the region. So expect a huge amount of millionaires (actually the highest concentration of them than anywhere else in the capital or the UK for that matter).Some VIP gentlemen, socialites and businessmen like to enjoy discreet dates with very lavish escorts in Hampstead. They are very classy and sophisticated ladies who lead a life of luxury. Extremely attractive, intellectual and confident women who have an air of elegance that follows them everywhere. They posses such a powerful natural beauty, people stop what they are doing just to catch a glimpse of their beauteous appearance. Naturally men flock to them and try to get them to go out on a date. With so many promises of being wined and dined at the most exclusive restaurants and luxury shopping days; they are not phased. They respect the company of intelligent, classy gentlemen who have actually an old fashioned approach to romance.

Scarlett - Sexy Blonde English EscortNicole Maya - Busty British Asian Escort

Absolutely Gorgeous

When it comes to beauty, these ladies are in a different league. Our featured (above) escorts are in a class of their own. Scarlett is an outgoing, flirtatious and sexy petite blonde British beauty. Nicole is a naturally beautiful, classy, bisexual English brunette lady. Maya is a very attractive super busty British Indian lady. You will find the highest number of VIP escort services in London, in Hampstead. Even more than any other central region area. These beauties have fashion model looks, with a super star edge to them. They lead very lavish lifestyles but above all very healthy ones. With healthy diets, going to the gym and many hobbies, they are very active. They also possess inner beauty and wonderful personalties. Thee are so many match making websites, personal introduction agencies and so on. However not many millionaires can find suitable dates for elite events or just even going out for a fine dining experience. A Hampstead escort is the perfect VIP dining companion. They are accustomed to going to dinner parties that are exclusive.

Luxury Escorts

They are certainly the most sophisticated and charismatic companions who provide VIP date experiences. They enjoy the company of a well-mannered, respectful VIP gentlemen who is very accomplished in life. You have to have a certain spark about your personality and be very successful to be able to date the, While you will be going out of your way to impress them, what they find most impressive is you just being yourself. Having that inner confidence to not try and be anybody but you - now they find that very sexy in a an. Lots of gentlemen like to name drop and boast, while others don't need to. You will find their company very relaxing and above all entertaining. They are amongst the most charming London escorts you will ever meet. Your date with them is bound to be memorable.