Les Deux Salons Review (WC2)

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Their Address:

40-42 William IV Street,

Les Deux Salons is a wonderful modern European cuisine brasserie located in the Strand. It has very interesting decor. From the smart lighting, rails made of brass, perfectly set linen and classic tablecloths,; you have the hallmarks of a pre-theatre dinner setting - but they are much more that that. You will find their classic dishes on offer, are expertly made and presented. However with the talented duo of Will Smith and Patrick Demetre at the helm, they raise the bar and the stakes for the competition with their masterful innovations of modern European cuisine. Their brasserie is the perfect place to go for some cocktails after going to the theatre.

From their tasty bone marrow, served on a plate of cast iron to the succulent pale juicy pork belly, that oozes so much flavour you have to keep your composure to not start eating like you where at a messy 12th century Royal banquet. Hearty seasonal vegetables, that questions yourself why that fact these vegetables are so far ahead in the taste stakes, what do you have to do to achieve when cooking them at home to gain at least 10% of the overall taste you have just experienced their fine restaurant. They do the best leg of lamb dishes in all of London.

With a snazzy wine list to ensure you have the perfect tipple for each course and ever changing awe inspiring specials, you will find that you will have to find that special lady friend and treat them to a romantic evening of the finest food courtesy of Les Deux Salons.

If you are looking for the one of the best modern European restaurants in the Strand, then Les Deux Salons is one of the best in London itself.

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