Lifestyles Of London Escorts

Escorts in London can lead quite fast paced, eventful and lavish lifestyles. Certainly the top escort who reside in the most affluent areas in central London as also places like Chelsea, Kensington and Fulham can lead very lavish lifestyles. The money they earn can pay for the finest clothes and luxuries in life. The top London incall escorts tend to live in luxury flats that and drive expensive cars. London escorts like to look good so indulging in the best fashionable couture and shopping at the most expensive department stores is a usual occurrence. They have to ensure they look a "million dollars" and have the very best garments to wear, especially if they are out on a VIP escort date with a wealthy gentleman. They have to stay in shape to maintain their perfectly shaped figures. So that could mean personal trainers or luxury spa days.

Escorts In Central London

Companions in this region tend to be the more elite and VIP ones. They live in the most luxurious apartments. Even though a funny thing that due to the recent recession many have had to downgrade their apartments to smaller more affordable ones. It is about looking stunning all the time. So many have a strict fitness regime to keep their sensational figures in the best of shape. For the majority that means joining an expensive gym that has the best equipment and nutritionists. For a select few, they opt to go one step further and get a personal trainer. 6am starts jogging round the most affluent parks in the capital is the "norm" for them. Then it comes to hair and make-up. So these beauties go to the top salons. That is where hair treatments cost hundreds of pounds. Then it is off to Harley Street for some botox. When it comes to shopping they tend to go to Mayfair and Knightsbridge. That is where the biggest and most expensive stores are. Prada, Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are all designer brands that they have to obtain.

Socialising is fun for an escort in Central London, as they go to all the top nightspots. From champagne bars to VIP nightclubs, they want to be seen as being with the "in crowd". Obviously because they are so attractive they got a lot of male attention. So when it comes to buying drinks they never have to. Gentlemen want to spend time with them and lavish them with the finest champagne. Whether it is an escort date or simply them socialising they like to stay within that region. Dates with very rich clients see them go ut to the best restaurants. Fine dining at it's best and only the bet will do for them. Trips to the theatre or opera are not uncommon for them. So that is when they can all get dressed up in a luxury ball gown and really live the high life.

Escorts who live in less affluent areas and entertain less affluent gentlemen may still have lavish lifestyles but not to the extent of their VIP counterparts. They can still affords the finer things in life and may party in the same VIP nightclubs as central London VIP escorts. Being a top escort in London exposes you to the wealthiest gentlemen in the capital and top VIP's who travel to the city from abroad. You can gain access to the most prestigious bars and clubs, where before not being an escort would have made that impossible. Many escorts in the capital live very busy lives and they may not leave much time for forming relationships that last. So money can by many things but like the saying goes "money can't buy you love".

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