London Escort Parties

London escort parties are usually provided by escort agencies for their most respected and affluent clients. A London escort party is a special party where the guests are a mixture of the client's friends and escorts. They are fun fuelled and the ladies look so beautiful. The escorts ensure all the guests are having a good time and the 'vibe' is very affluent The client often picks their favourite selection of escorts to attend. This can be a theme party for where example all the escorts could be blonde or from a certain nationality. The theme could be fetish so the all the companions could be fetish escorts. The rich elite often hold lavish VIP parties that are exquisite in every sense. Even politicians have been known to be linked with parties where escorts attend. Who can forget the media making the term 'bunga bunga' parties famous in regards to the Silvio Berlusconi scandal. Obviously discretion is a plays a major part. There could be famous people or people aspiring to do great things in the future and could be recognised in the public domain. So again discretion is key.

Very Special Occasions

The parties are very lavish occasions where only the best champagne is served and finest cuisines alongside it. The party escorts love to mingle with the guest and shower them with attention and affection. Escort parties in London are becoming more common. Many wealthy businessmen have discreet escort parties for their distinguished friends. It is very lavish way to entertain friends and have a mind blowing time. London escort parties are often held at exclusive places like private mansions or private member clubs. Just imagine all the city bankers who have received their big banking bonus. They may hold a party to celebrate becoming even more rich. Rather than go an party at expensive bars and run up a stupendously high bar bill. some opt to hold a private celebration where the guest list is certainly aesthetically appealing.

First Call Escorts showcase beautiful 'companionship only' escorts who can attend VIP private parties in London. These beauties are very classy and highly intelligent ladies. They have really powerful natural confidence; their sophisticated aura and elegance ensure you take notice of their presence immediately. they are very easy to talk to and have warm. friendly personalities. Rest assured that you party guests will have the time of their lives and your party will go down in history if you are the host.

VIP Private Party Escorts

(Showcased is Monica (left) & Veronica (right)

VIP Escort ServicesMonica - Sexy BlondeVeronica - Busty 34DD

For all elite gentlemen who maybe planning a unique occasion for top business associates. You may just want to have a private party that is a celebration of a new business deal or merger. After many business meetings it will be time to relax and unwind. So why not ensure your guest list has something extra special about it. Every gentleman who adores beautiful ladies, would genuinely love to be in their presence. As you can see showcased are two very special VIP private party escorts. Monica is one gorgeous blonde with the most amazing figure. she certainly dresses to impress as she is so knowledgable about fashion. she is a top VIP blonde escort in London and accustomed at attending elite events. Veronica is a tall, super busty, 34DD, Czech brunette in London. She has the natural beauty of a top super model and she is every guy's dream woman. This busty brunette is the perfect VIP companion, who is so charismatic.

First Call Escorts prides itself on its professionalism and really tailoring the service to your individual needs. Our ladies are the most presentable, affluent, courteous and intelligent female companions in London. Maybe you are holding an important event to impress some potential international investors. Our ladies can be present to pamper and treat your prospective business partners to their charming personalities. Sometimes you have to throw the boat out to really impress. They will be in awe of their mesmerising beauty and will be made to feel like a million dollars.