London Escort Reviews

When booking a London escort, it is good practice to refer to the reviews about their agency and individual escorts. Many escort agencies have a reviews section where clients give a review about a particular London escort they have booked. They can vary in detail and quality, but they do give a concise insight into a particular escort. There are many forums and escort message boards out there that also provide reviews of escorts on the web. The reviewers often seek out these websites to leave reviews that are good or bad. Sometimes the reviews turn into warnings, if somebody has had a bad experience with an escort. The earliest type of reviews based website for adult companionship services started with the world famous McCoy's Guide. the website and it's founder have even appeared in a documentary on television. It is an in-depth guide to escort and adult services across the UK. Many years ago websites like this were part of only a small handful. Now over the past 5 years, more and more escort guides have appeared online.

How Useful Are Reviews?

Any review on the internet has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Do some agencies write their own reviews? Yes they do. Do some independent escorts write their own reviews. Yes, that can also happen. The best way is to do your research on the web. The more diverse and widespread review about an agency or escort gives you a greater insight into their service. Maybe you are a client and want to write a review. You can do so on escort message boards and forums. The key is to look around and read message boards that are highly regarded in the market. They carry a lot of information, talking points and discussions. Also they can point you to the most honest escort review websites on the web. Some agencies have a review section on their website. It is kind of like a testimonials page. Obviously the reviews are edited before the agency will allow it to be seen on their own website. So those types of reviews are hardly impartial to a certain degree.

Reviews about escorts are useful as they can be used as a starting point to researching a particular service. There are a few pitfalls when it comes to booking an escort service. Some are basically fake escort agencies, scams etc. So if you can be warned against booking those escort services (whether it be from a fake independent or agency escort); then you have saved yourself a headache. Some agencies are just unprofessional and operate something called 'bait and switch'. Basically they put up fake pictures and profiles on their website. A client books what they think is the escort they have seen on the website. Then another turns up. The fake profiles are their to entice prospective clientele to book. Obviously this is done on false pretences. Escort review websites acts as a medium to out these fake escort agencies as well as ones who have many fake pictures on them.

Writing An Escort Review

If you have just booked and London escort with an agency and want to leave a review on their website, if they have the facility, you can easily submit one online. You can also choose to post on various other websites and message boards. You will have to sign up with an e-mail address and then choose a username and password. However you have to acknowledge that they do go through moderation and have to be accepted. There is no wrong way or right way to right a review for a London escort. It is about your own personal experience with one. It may prove to be of great help to prospective clients looking to book the escort you went out on a date with. If the service was poor then your review could deter someone else from booking that experience. There has alledgedly been some incidents that have been speculated online about some gentlemen who have made fake reviews on purpose. Then they have tried to blackmail the escort involved.

Escort review websites have attracted some negative press. There were a couple of articles the online media wrote in regards t5o the issue. It is argued that these type of websites kind of dehumanise women who are escorts. Many critics regarded this sites as treating women as if they were on a menu and can an item that can be ordered.

Best Escort Review Websites Online

Here is a concise guide to the best types of these websites on the web:

Punternet - One of the biggest escort review websites about. Regular review updates of clientele who submit what is called "field reports". Visit Their Website

Punterking - A place where both escorts and their clientele can both write articles about each other.