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The opera is one of the most empowering and intriguing musical experiences to attend. The passion, the drama, the magic of the night is something that has to be experienced rather than explained. We provide beautiful VIP companions (London opera escorts), who can provide you with classy companionship when attending a London opera. If you are a discerning gentleman who loves the opera, but has nobody to go with, then this service could be for you. These ladies genuinely love the opera and dress appropriately and immaculately for the evening. They are highly intelligent and have warm, friendly personalities. You will feel at ease in their company and very uplifted by their presence.

Going to the opera is a very special occasion for most. In fact many thought attendance to such events were on the decline. However over recent years the opposite has happened. In fact more and more people are becoming interested in this musical art form. This interest has also translated to many VIP escorts in London. Where gentlemen who attended the opera did not see booking an escort as a viable option for a date; it has all changed. These beauties are highly sophisticated. Many have travelled the world and visited the most exciting, spectacular cities in the world. Attended the most prestigious events; so they are accustomed to affluence and the glamorous side of life.

You will be able to have great confidence in the handful of escort agencies and independents who specialise in this unique companionship. Firstly these escorts provide a VIP companionship experience. They have attributes that put them in a class of their own. They live a very lavish lifestyle; many are highly educated to a high university degree level. So when it comes to socialising in an affluent environment, then they have the experience and natural confidence to do so. They dress in such an exquisite and appropriate manner for the opera. You will be astounded just how beautiful and sophisticated they look. In fact you will feel very lucky and very special to be in their presence.

A night at the opera can be one of the most magical, most inspiring and moving experiences. Everybody is there to indulge in the mastery on stage; the drama, the love, the everything! So if you want to compliment your evening with some elite companionship you have to be 100% confident that your lady will be suitable for the occasion. Our female companions dress immaculately and suitable for the night. They have impeccable manners and live very affluent lifestyles. They are very approachable and you will be amazed how interesting the conversation is and how easily it will flow and evolve.

The Beauty Of London

London is blessed with the Royal Opera House. It is home to some of the most uplifting opera productions and performances. Located in the trendy Covent Garden, which is also famed for being the hub of London theatre land, you can enjoy an uplifting night of opera. You could also catch a top ballet or dance production as well. The London Coliseum is located in the Trafalgar Square area and is an exquisite building. These opera venues are so visually stunning. The amazing decor, the atmosphere and the history all combine to provide a magical, unforgettable experience. Many operas have been so moving it has brought many people to tears. That is the beauty about it. London is a diverse city with so much to offer.

After the opera performance you could enjoy a very late but romantic dinner date. Your escort date for the evening will make the perfect fine dining companion. You will find the finest restaurants in central London. You can talk about the opera performance and which parts uplifted you the most. If you are not hungry but prefer to have a few 'after show' drinks, then you will find many trendy bars in the capital. Some people actually opt to go for a few drink with their London escort, before heading to the opera. It is a wonderful 'icebreaker' and an opportunity to talk and enjoy each others company. If you are attending an opera production in London and need a discreet, beautiful female companion to accompany you - our London opera escorts provide perfect company.

Pick Of The Places To Visit

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Royal Opera House - Bow Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9DD
London Coliseum - 8 St Martin’s Lane, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4ES

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