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Well, where can I start. This is such a crazy turn around for me, I felt I had to share my story. After an accident at work, I was left in very bad shape. It actually knocked my confidence quite a bit and shook me up. It took me months to get better; however there was a huge payout involved (a few zeros at the end). The money was an eye opener as I found out through the grapevine something interesting. My fiance at the time was on the verge of leaving me, until I had received the payout for the accident. People, including myself always thought she was a nice and trustworthy person. I guess you don't really know everybody 100%. Then she dropped a lead weight one day in my life. She admitted to having a couple of flings with somebody at her workplace. It knocked me for six. I ended our engagement and took a serious look at what happened. I started to blame myself for her wanting to leave. Was I too boring? The reality was I was fun, but the months I was on sick leave I became really distant. However to my defence I was in constant pain and couldn't do half the things she wanted to. I must have been portrayed as the lay about, who does nothing with his fiancee.

I decided a big change of scenery is what was need and moved to Sawbridgeworth. A new start, outside the city and time to clear my head and think about my life. The change was good but something was eating away at my brain. I realised that I wasn't living life. I never went anywhere and maybe I had to admit that was a quality that could have led to my fiance getting bored. I couldn't use other excuses. I was determined to start going our more and living life to the full. However I really had no friends, especially any female ones. One lunchtime I was sitting there by myself as usual thinking there has to be more to life. So I decided that tomorrow I will have the most lavish lunch with the most breathtaking company. The lavish side was OK but what about the company side? I had a eureka moment,. Why don;t I book a lunchtime escort in Sawbridgeworth to join me for a luxury dining experience?

I found a professional Hertfordshire escort agency, that had a beautiful selection of ladies. Could they be available to accompany me for lunch? They didn't have a lunchtime escort service specifically. However I could book their company around that time. i like an early lunch; 12pm. One lady's portfolio stood out. A stunning blonde European escort who had very classy tastes and hobbies. I just hoped she was going to be good at conversation and not sit there through our date in silence. I had that affect on people, you know. I was so nervous before we met that I have to admit that I was sick a few times in the bistro toilet. She was so polite and fun loving. I just felt a huge weight of nervousness being lifted. I realised that I had denied myself fun for so long, that I didn't think it was a necessary part of life. Now I always book escorts for lunch and even dinner dates. Their company is excellent. No nerves, I am all about confidence these days. Maybe it has something to do with meeting a Hertfordshire escort.

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Hannah - Eastern European

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