Lust On Lockdown - Erotic Story

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Sharon was battling between bouts of euphoria and then feeling very claustrophobic during lockdown. The global coronavirus pandemic had griped the country, well the whole globe. COVID-19 was a battle for the world to fight against and stand together united. Sharon was determined to do her bit. As she looked in the mirror she contemplated what to do for yet another day. She admired herself; a 27 year old perfectly curvaceous English blonde with a whopping 34DD natural cleavage. What made it seem like the days were going longer than usual was flat-sharing with an Italian hunk of a guy Giuseppe. He was a very athletic Italian guy (well hunk as Sharon called him) who recently moved into Sharon's flat as her last flat,ate decided to travel the world. Giuseppe was an architect and was working on a major project until the outbreak commenced. Sharon used to be a GFE escort and also part of a busty blonde English escort duo. She gave up escorting a year ago and went back to being a Giuseppe had a six pack and glistening tanned skin. Sharon was single but Giuseppe had a girlfriend who had recently gone to work in Switzerland before the lockdown commenced. Every night Sharon would listen to Giuseppe talk with his girlfriend and sometimes their phone conversations got very hot and dirty. Sharon wanted some action and she had already worn out every dildo she has. Next time she went shopping she promised herself that she would buy a bumper pack of batteries for her dildos. She thought as a single woman that is definitely essential items in her opinion. Other peoples opinion may differ she thought.

Well the sexual tension was building in the flat between Sharon and Giuseppe. She would tease him by wearing the most revealing and short tops, tight skirts ad jean shorts when around the flat. She would notice Giuseppe's cock get rock hard under his jeans every time she would slowly bend over to pick up an item she had purposefully dropped. At first Sharon when she would pleasure herself with her dildo she would turn the music up so Giuseppe didn't hear. Recently Sharon has let the volume of the music be so low that it was obvious her deep sensual moaning, groaning and orgasmic screams could be heard by Giuseppe in his room. One night after a leg shaking orgasm she had obtained by ramming a huge dildo so balls deep into her pussy that she began 'orgasmically' convulsing and shaking for two minutes straight. She let off the biggest scream of "AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" ever that Giuseppe had been startled and ran from his bedroom and knocked on the door. "Are you OK" Giuseppe concernedly asked as Sharon did her best to re-gather her breath. "Yes babes" Sharon replied as she felt a bit embarrassed but very turned on that Giuseppe had ran to her rescue. "I will be out in a minute" Sharon said with a nearly gathered breath. When Sharon came into the living room area and (they had done their best to maintain social distance) Sharon had forgot that she was just in a bra and had on crotchless panties. Giuseppe sat their in shock not knowing where to look. As soon as Sharon realised she became very embarrassed, apologetic and tearful. She explained to Giuseppe that the lockdown had made her become a bit out of sync with daily life and that she had become a bit forgetful. Giuseppe understood and gave her words of encouragement. He told Sharon to kindly put some more appropriate clothes on and he would open a nice bottle of wine. So Sharon went back into her bedroom and got changed. When she came back out she saw Giuseppe was had put a bottle of wine and left a glass on her couch. He was opening his bottle of wine on his couch on the other end of the living room which was huge and definitely was more than a two metre distance to adhere to lockdown protocol. personal assistant at a marketing company. Although she missed being an escort because she found the lifestyle more glamorous than working in an office with geeks. When Giuseppe looked up he saw Sharon in the tightest PVC bra and panties, with stockings and stilettos. His jaw dropped in amazement and he dropped his glass of wine, which spilled all over the carpet. Sharon was holding a dildo and had a sensually powerful look on her face. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Giuseppe said in a very startled fashion. "I have a girlfriend, this is not appropriate" Giuseppe said in a pleasing voice. Sharon stared at Giuseppe with sheer lust on her face. "I know how you look at me Giuseppe... every day I see the bulge of your rock hard cock wanting to break free from your jeans every day" Sharon said softly. Giuseppe stood there with a startled look on his face and shook his head. However, no words left his mouth. "Look at me Giuseppe.... I know every time you look at me you want to fuck me... I know you stare at my big juicy boobs and look away pretending you don't." Sharon said. Giuseppe slumped onto his couch. He had a look of defeat on his face. "I really care about my girlfriend" Giuseppe pleaded. However, his cock became so rock hard he could not hide the excitement of seeing Sharon in such a sexy and revealing PVC outfit. Sharon chucked a bottle of massage oil over to him. "Get your cock out" Sharon said in a very commanding voice. She sat down on her couch and Giuseppe sat down on his couch. They were facing each other. Reluctantly Giuseppe whipped out his rock hard cock. "Pour some oil over it" Sharon said very seductively. Giuseppe proceeded to pour the massage oil over his throbbing cock. The warm oil tingled and he let out a huge sigh of sensual satisfaction as the oil slid down his cock onto his balls." UGHHHHHOOOOOO" he groaned as he grabbed his cock and massaged the oil into it. Sharon had a very naughty look on her face. Giuseppe was fixated on her 34DD boobs as he slowly wanked his cock up and down, with each stroke throbbing for a potential cum explosion.

Sharon slowly took out her breasts; one by one her huge 34DD boobs plopped out of her tight PVC top and wobbled before it came to a sexy rest. With each wobble of her juicy tits Giuseppe let off a huge moan of sensual satisfaction as he fantasised what he wanted to do with them. Sharon told Giuseppe to tell her what he wanted too do with her tits if he had the opportunity. Sharon poured her own bottle of massage oil over her whopping 34DD boobs. She massaged the oil over her huge mound of a cleavage, cupping those mammoth tits under one arm as she massaged with the other. Giuseppe couldn't believe just how amazing and big Sharon's tits looked. "Tell me" Sharon commanded in a very powerfully sexy voice. "OK..OK" Giuseppe said as he could hardly talk without moaning as he fixated on those huge boobies of Sharon. "I want to stick my cock in between those juicy, huge oily tits and have you slowly tit want me" said Giuseppe. Just as he said that he was visualising Sharon holding each boob and gliding those soft, sloppy, oily breasts along the rock hard shaft of his dick. "I want you to then run you tongue over the top of my cock and tighten the grip of your boobs" Giuseppe panted. By this time the strokes of his cock had become faster and the grip of his hand on his cock had got tighter. Sharon by this time begin slowly plunging a huge dildo in her hot wet pussy. With each stroke of the plunging dildo she let out a huge scream of sexual excitement, as she bit her lip. "I want your rock hard cock deep inside me Giuseppe" Sharon moaned biting her lip. The quicker ad deeper Sharon plunged the dildo in her pussy, the faster the strokes of Giuseppe's hand on his oily rock hard cock. There was a frantic loud flapping sound of his cock as his hands jackhammered along his oil rock hard cock. His sexy moans had turned into short deep grunts and he could feel the cum building up from his dick as it flowed from his bulging balls. Sharon knew he was ready to cum and she was nearing orgasm herself as she saw Giuseppe frantically stroking his rock hard cock and sweat dripping from his face.

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... UHHHHHH OOOOHHHHH UHHHHHHH AGHHH..... AGHHHHHHH... AGHHHHHHHHHHH UH" Giuseppe screamed as he blew a huge wad of cum that squirted out in fountains and landed on three gooey puddles right in front of Sharon. Giuseppe had come so hard that it travelled nearly two metres. On seeing the puddle of cum Sharon lost herself in a sexy eruption and a fountain of warm cum flowed from her pussy.....

"URRRRRGGGHHUHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" Sharon screamed in a sensually liberating and energetic fashion.

Giuseppe's cum did not stick to social distancing as it nearly squirted a full two metres.

They sat back on their respective couches, panting, sweating and trying to catch their breath.. Sharon had a huge cheeky smile on her face. Giuseppe had a huge grin on his face. Suddenly his phone rang and it was his girlfriend on the phone. Reality kicked in. He was in a flat with a sexy woman he had just wanked off too. He was going to be in lockdown and he so badly wanted Sharon. After he spoke to his girlfriend who questioned him for two minutes why he sounded so out of breath, he couldn't take his eyes off Sharon's huge boobs and really dripping wet pussy. He was on lockdown and he wanted to extend that to never doing that again and being locked down in his relationship. Maybe it was the times and sensual frustration had built up. So Sharon and Giuseppe said that they could never repeat what they did ever again. Maybe it was being stuck indoors and the building sexual tension that made them explode in such a way. Giuseppe with stick to his 'coronavirus phone sex' routine with his girlfriend and never fall for the seduction of such a sexy busty English blonde beauty.

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