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It is a hard knock life as you say. Sometimes you have to take chances to succeed. You may lose along the way, but the ultimate victory is always just over the horizon. As you know, the music industry is very competitive and as an up and coming singer there are only so many knock backs that you can take. I had a comfortable job in insurance and decided to pursue music. At the time I was married and my ex wife was supportive. However the money started to dry up as well as the savings. It took a huge chunk out of our savings in fact and soon came the arguments about money. I had to go after my dream to become a super star and downsized to a smaller place in Morden. I got a few gigs but it is hard to get signed to a label. I was singing in pubs and bars; there is nothing worse then seeing your dreams and ambitions fade away into a chorus of pub chatter. My wife at the time grew even more distant and she left me for another man. He was a DJ; not a good one, but he had a big following. It was sad but I knew my love for music was not going to be diminished. In fact I poured all my energy into more creative song writing. I was fortunate to get a slot at a music festival. However it dawned on me I used to do everything with the wife and had nobody to go with.

I kind of put the whole marriage breakdown behind me but it resurfaced again. Just thinking in a social capacity, I was used to going everywhere with the ex wife and now had nobody to go out with. Although there was still bitterness, I did miss spending time and socialising with her. The music had taken over everything in my life, but I was determined to still enjoy myself outside of it. A new club was opening up and I wanted to go to it. I thought about dating sites but didn't have the time to go on there, plus it was all about image. I wanted to make it to the big time so some sad lonely ad on a dating site wasn't going to make me look cool. So I decided to book an escort in Morden. There were a few agencies that caught my eye but they didn't have anybody specific for a great night out parting at a club. I didn't want to get stuck with somebody who was no fun, who wasn't into the music and would have a grumpy face all night.

One escort agency agency did specialise in party girl escorts. My dreams had come true. This stunning Welsh escort in Morden stood out. It said in her profile that she was a real party animal. Just the sort of lady I was looking for. I found out my ex wife had held a divorce party. The bloody cheek of it. I was determined to make a night of it and have my own unofficial divorce party. When we met up for a few drinks before we hit the club, I was so amazed. This stunning escort in Morden looked even more beautiful in person than her pictures on the website. I have to admit I was not a champagne drinker but it felt that the occasion called for it. We danced the night away and I even sang her one of my songs. she said I had an amazing voice - more than my ex wife ever said about my singing talents. I will book an escort duo for my album launch party; turn up in style. Hey, I may even send my wife an invitation. Put her on the VIP; free champagne. Oh that bittersweet taste of victory.

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