What is More Important In Escorts - Personality Or Beauty

What is more the important quality that people look for in an escort. Personality or Beauty. Well many people want to be be in the company of somebody beautiful. They may not know many beautiful people and lets face it, everybody lives in the a world where beauty equals perfection. From the beauty industry, to entertainment to even professional business - beautiful people are seen as more desirable - therefore beauty is the most important thing. If you were a gentlemen who had to attend a VIP event and needed a social partner. Do they go for some real eye candy? Especially if they were stuck for a date and hired an escort for a VIP work event, they possibly would get a better reception from their male colleagues, especially envy, when it comes to their beautiful company. Maybe their boss will be surprised and impressed they are in the company of such a beautiful lady. That could suggest that this guy has some really good qualities and is a winner.

However as part of interaction and companionship, it would be a very dull experience if the escort booked had no personality, nothing of worth to say, so it would just be a very boring experience for some, but with somebody who is pretty to look at. Personality takes on a beauty of its own. If you are a professional in the city and need to go to an important social event, having an escort companion who is very intellectual and a vibrant personality will make you look good. They can impress everybody around them and people will see that you must have a lot of dynamic about you to be in their company. Personality opens doors far wider sometimes than beauty.

The truth is beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what people look for in an escort is down to the companionship nature and balanced with their own personality and what they look for in a companion.