Planning A VIP Date

Are you are a VIP gentleman about to embark on a VIP date? Well, then planning is very essential aspect to the success of it. It helps ensure a smooth process where you can just relax and have fun on your escort date. VIP dates have lavish aspects to them. They take much more insight into certain aspects. You will have to incorporate more thought into how each instance of the date is governed. For example things like transportation If you are going from destination to destination for example; going from a champagne bar wit your date and then onto a top restaurant. You are hardly going to take a bus or a minicab. A Stretch limo will do the job nicely. You will need a chauffeur who will be present throughout the evening. You will have to understand parking restrictions and obviously plan and pay for the service beforehand. If you are dining out, then you have to ensure you put your reservation in early. You may want to ensure that they have a special bottle of your favourite wine imported from overseas. There are so many aspects to consider, but planned to perfection, you date will truly be impressed.

How To Plan The Ultimate VIP Experience

VIP Escorts In London

  1. Ensure you make it as lavish as you can. If you get a limo, get the biggest and the best. If dining out, go to the best restaurant. There are so nay restaurant guides online that people leave reviews for. There are also review guides done by food experts. So you really have to set the bar at its highest. Being borderline lavish, is not in the true spirit of being VIP. If you are on a VIP escort date then you may choose the to go to the most luxurious and expensive places.
  2. Send your date a lavish gift earlier on in the day. It could be expensive jewellery or an expensive perfume. You may even buy her an expensive gift voucher where she has the choice to choose something for herself. If you do buy a gift for an escort you must respect their right to to either politely accept or decline your gift. It is also important to note that the gift is by no means part payment for the escort service. You ay choose a VIP shopping trip date where you will will choose a gift whilst out shopping together.
  3. Make sure you have lots of money on you on your date. the element of surprise can be very romantic. You can do something that costs a lot of money, on the spur of the moment. Nobody wants to be left doing the dishes at the end of the evening. So ensure that you have enough money for your lavish plans.
  4. Go the richest and most affluent areas. It is no good going to a run down area with no nice places to go. Your environment has to reflect the VIP nature of the date.
  5. Confirm, confirm, confirm. Do not just book something and hope it goes OK on the day. Make sure you ring the day before and on the day to make sure everything will go smoothly.


For VIP gentlemen with first date nerves the important thing to remember is to have fun. There are times that you on your date where you may be stuck for things to say. So you could thin ahead of some conversation topics that you would like to discuss. Your VIP escort date is confident but at the same time considerate. Our VIP London escorts are very sophisticated ladies and love partying in absolute luxury.

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