Shopping In London

London has one of the best shopping experiences in the whole world. Whilst other big cities like New York, Milan and Paris have always had that prestigious edge; London has seen a huge emergence in British designers. Central London offers some of the best designer, high street and luxury stores you could ever find. You love your Armani, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Burberry -then the capital has the best of the best. It is not just high end fashion that London is renowned for. Retro an alternative fashion is also very big. Areas in North London are famous for being the birthplace for this dynamic in the fashion world. If you are a rich and fashionable gentleman then you are accustomed to shopping at the best stores. If you have travelled from overseas you might want some company on a shopping trip. That is where VIP shopping companion escorts fit into the equation. They are the most stylish and attractive ladies who are the perfect date for a day out shopping.

Best Areas To Shop In
Here is a look at some of the most interesting and luxurious shopping districts in London. You will find that these areas attract many rich tourists as well as Londoners and people travelling to the city on day trips. There are many people who do not regular shop in these places; as they are quite expensive. However for the experience they are attracted to the posh atmosphere and fashion on offer. Maybe you are a rich gentleman who lives outside of London. You may want to visit the capital and shop in these glamorous districts. If you are a mature single gentleman, then you may want to combine a days's shopping with socialising in the evening. You could go and watch as West End musical or visit an art gallery. Maybe you will go to a specialist tailors and get measured for a new suit. You could opt to spend the day with an elite escort in London. They understand and live the luxury lifestyle you are accustomed to. They are very fashionable dates an understand about the latest fashion trends and seasons. So if you are looking for small bits of style advice, they might be able to offer a good opinion. The best places to shop are :

You ay indeed be a VIP businessman visiting from overseas who has some free time. As you can see there are so many luxury shopping districts London. So why don't you consider booking a date with luxurious shopping trips escorts. They are glamorous ladies who are fashionable and very beautiful. Call the agency on 07775300878 for bookings.