Student Escorts


(Please note: First Call Escorts DO NOT provide student escort services of any kind. Some agencies in central London however are actively trying to recruit university students.)

There has been an increase of student escorts in the UK over the growing years. Many university students (undergraduate and post graduate) are finding it tougher to economically support themselves through the course. A sharp rise in tuition fees and living costs has seen a vast number of students turning to escort services to fund their higher education. Many agencies have students as escorts as party of their agency. Student escorts have increasing become more popular in demand. The increase in personal debt accumulated per student in the UK is staggering. Student escorts have been born due to the massive personal debt many students will face as part of undertaking university degrees. A recent study in the UK shows that at least 1 in 20 students turn to some form of adult entertainment. Whether it be stripping, escort work or sometimes going beyond that. this subject has featured in many tabloids and even Sky News has conducted a report on the matter. Did the failure over the promise of lower student fees directly create this scenario? What is shows is that in the UK, becoming an escort is looked at as slightly more acceptable. There is still the stigma as the market is so diverse and people choose to conduct themselves differently. For students they could see this as the more acceptable way to pay their way through university. However what is really important is why has the biggest ever study on the matter being conducted. Some students really struggle and see no other option but to become an escort, to pay their way through university.

Debts can be anything around £25,000 - £30,000. The most quick fire way of dealing with such a debt is to become an escort for some students. Many escort agencies are directly advertising vacancies to for escorts to a student market. This has not been received happily at the student based forums and resources that they are trying to advertise the vacancies for student escorts. Postgraduates in this financial and job climate which has seen a recession and they highest number of employment for many years, see escorting as the only viable way forward. The money that can be earned goes towards funding a basic life and goes some way to paying off their personal debt. When everybody says the economy is getting better - is it really. Does it the average person really feel that? Apart from the financial incentives many students become escorts, just out of simple curiosity. They may have looked at a TV programme they Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and been impressed by the lifestyle. Others just simply want to be part of that scene. When it comes to quitting escorting, some find it very hard. The financial incentives are overwhelming.

The escort market, like any market has the good and the bad, the legal and illegal. Student services has seen a sharp rise in students turning to escorting and do offer some advice. The general tone of that advice is to be very careful of pursuing becoming an escort. Many higher education adult colleges have seen this trend too. Many college students on higher education courses have turned to the industry too. Student escorts are fast becoming very popular to clients who are looking for female companions aged 19-25. This is the most common demographic of students in the UK. Some student escorts find the integration of escorting and studying for their degree manageable. Student escort services in Oxford, London and Greater London has seen a sharp rise over recent years. In America many college girls take up dancing and stripping to fund their way through college. The UK has seen escorting take up that role. Should universities offer more help and information about how to financially survive when studying. Should they also provide counsellors that a student can talk to in confidence? Maybe you are considering becoming an escort. It's best to talk to a trained professional about any problems you are facing in life. They are there to help.

Some university students have been known to book escorts. Gentlemen aged 21-25 are seen as a demographic of university students who book escorts. Many do so because they experience lonliness during their time at university. Some female students aged 21-25 who are lesbian, bisexual or 'bi-curious' also book escorts.

There is a great article online by the Mirror that talks about students being specifically recruited by escort agencies.