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Life is very reactive. It's all down to choices. You pick left, life can work out, you make a decision and go right and life can change for the worst. So when I decided to have an affair with my secretary it changed my life forever. My wife and I were having serious problems. My work schedule was getting increasingly hectic. I would try my best to take her out and be there for her. Al she did was complain that I was neglecting her. She didn't understand that all the things I did was for her. All the late night meetings, the stress I endured as a boss, she never understood how hard I tried. My secretary at the time was somebody I could talk to. When I went home my wife and I would argue and at work my secretary was this breath of fresh air. Yes, she was really hot but we connected on a mental level. She was fun, free and exciting. My wife was nagging, upset and always having a go at me for not doing this and not doing that. One day I gave into the pressure of life. My secretary sensed I was upset and she leaned in to give me a hug. I don't know what came over me but we started t passionately kiss. I think I gave into the sexual tension. She used to wear the tightest outfits to work and knew I fantasized about being with her. We made hot, passionate love on my desk. it was really hot sex. Not like the sex I had with my wife. My secretary had the hottest high heels and work days used to end with me bending her over and giving her a good seeing to. It became apparent that I was seeing her and my wife found some sexting messages on my phone and that was that. My marriage had come to an end. My company found out was was happening and transferred my secretary overseas.

Well that hit me all hard. There were days where I would feel fine and upbeat. Then there were days where it seemed like the whole world came crashing down on me. It tried my best by focusing on my job. I had lost the respect of quite a few colleagues in the office. Most of them were jealous because they really fancied my former secretary though. I was excellent at my job so they could not fault me or what I brought to the company. Office parties were the only social events I went to. I used to do all socialising with my former wife. All our mutual friends sided with her. Life is not straightforward and I didn't cheat on her on purpose. The pressures of life, marriage and work just took its toll on me. Weekends for me consisted of just watching boring television, meals for one and just over-thinking life. The worse thing is to sit and think that a moment of temptation had spiraled out of control. Well, I was really into fetish clothing models. I think that was what attracted me to my secretary. I have such an adventurous mind and my wife was just really boring. I used to buy my wife sexy outfits to wear but she never wanted to. Intimacy was never a priority for her, or maybe it was.. Who knows? All we did was argue and that really took its toll. I started to get out the house more and would go to burlesque shows and strip clubs. That didn't cheer me up but it met a desire for adventure that had been missing all my married life. I loved how these women were free to express their sexuality and I yearned to be part of that expression. I started looking online at specialist fetish sites when I saw many escort websites online. I became a bit obsessed looking through all the escort websites, especially the ones that had an option called 'uniform escorts'. These were ladies that provided fantasy/role play escort services. From naughty nurses, strict female bosses to you guessed it sexy secretaries.

I decided to move back to Camberwell to be closer to my brother. He was going through a similar breakdown of a relationship. It was fun to go out with him and have a laugh. We tried the whole dating scene for a bit and even Tinder, but we just met loads of crazy women. My brother said to me one day that he had actually booked an escort date the other day. I was so surprised that he had done so. He had bookmarked an escort agency website on his laptop and said that he found an escort that looked exactly like my former secretary. He dared me to book an outcall with her. After a few beers and a lot of banter I plucked up the courage to ring the agency up. They were friendly and helpful and I booked a two hour outcall with this very sexy escort in Camberwell. She was described on her online escort profile as role play escort with an adventurous imagination. When the evening arrived of the booking I was nervous. I decided to meet her at one of my favourite bars. I got there half an hour early. I had a double shot of whiskey for courage. When she walked through the door, she looked amazing. For a second there I thought she was my former secretary. We had such a great time. It was full of laughter and for the first time in a long while, I was happy.

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