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Writing An Escort Listing

Whether you are an independent escort or escort agency trying to promote their services on the internet, at some stage you will have to write an escort listing. There are many escort directories on the web that offer free and paid escort advertising. The majority are usually a combination of banner and escort listing adverts. An escort listing is a combination of pictures and text. For escort agencies they often write multiple escort listings, each one showcasing an individual escort which is part of their agency. However there are many ways to write a listing. Some listings provide a more than adequate amount of words for escorts to be very descriptive about their services and themselves. Some take advantage of the opportunity to be very descriptive about the services they provide, whilst others write very short and non descriptive ones.

Here are some things to remember when writing an escort listing.

1) If you can write a lot of information remember to write the most important things about your service. They include escort services, escort types, opening ties and rates if you are an escort agency. There are so many listings that people have to choose from, so if you miss out vital information they will tend to move onto the next listing.

2) When it comes to including rates, make sure you include them and they are accurate. If the rate you provide in your listing does not match the one on your website, then people could feel duped. Be consistent and make sure you include the full list of rates.

3) When it comes to writing individual listings, do not just "copy and paste" information straight from your website. You can be a bit more expansive and it is your chance to include new or different information than to what is shown on your website.

4) Make sure you use good English and grammar. A listing filled with spelling mistakes and grammar is not going to grab anybody's attention.

5) Remember to keep your listings up to date. If there are new pictures and new services, update them as soon as you can.