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A very informative and detailed section dedicated to articles and information about issues and topics involving escorts. You may be considering becoming an escort. Maybe you are an escort that wants to learn more about the escort market and important topics about it. Really informative discussions and insights into issues about escorts, including safety, victims of crime issues and the global news.

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February 2017 - A bit of a treat and a change. Read our first two part erotic escort fiction stories.

Big Tits In Thamesmead (Part 1 - Big Tits In Thamesmead (Part 2)


August 2016 - Samantha X And Her Escorting Tips - This famous high class Australian escort / author has provided escorts tips on how to be successful and also look after wellbeing.

April 2016 - What Makes A Top London Escort? - How does an escort in London become regarded as the very best in the city?

September 2015 - Escorts Being Blackmailed - Some escorts are being blackmailed by angry former partners and clients.

June 2015 - Female Escorts Starting Agencies - Some experienced female escorts in the UK are deciding to start their own escort agency. Why is that?

March 2015 - Escorts Falling In Love With Clients - Is it always a fairy-tale ending when an escort falls in love with a client?

January 2015 - Making New Year's Resolutions - What new year promises do escort make to themselves? Is it losing weight, quitting smoking or something different?

December 2014 - Transition Of Porn Stars To Escorting - With the porn industry in decline, more and more porn stars are considering escorting.

November 2014

Size 14 Escorts - These ladies are very curvaceous and represent the 'real women' possess curves demographic.

Escorts Sharing Their Stories - From magazine interviews to writing a blog; many escorts are starting to share their story.

July 2014

Interviews With Escorts - Over the past few years TV, magazine and newspaper interviews with escorts have becoming more prominent.

April 2014

Escort Jobs In Central London - The epicentre of fun, entertainment and excitement. Do you have what it takes to be showcased as an escort on the First Call Escorts website?

February 2014

Thinking Of Becoming a Male Escort? - There is an increased demand for male escorts in the UK. Could you become one?

January 2014

Escorts Using Hotels - Many independents are using hotels to as a location escort bookings. Do you think it is right or wrong for them to do this?

University Students Becoming Escorts - With rising tuition fees, living costs and no job prospects for graduates - many university students are turning to escorting.

December 2013

Becoming An Escort In London - Many women are now contemplating becoming an escort as a career change.

November 2013

Emotional Support From Escorts In London - Maybe you have lost your job or feel lonely after a divorce. Escorts in London can provide romantic dates and basic emotional support.

Should Escorts Accept Gifts? - Is it right for escorts to accept gifts from clients?

Top Independent Escort - What attributes does a top independent escort have?

October 2013

Independent Escorts In London - What is the market like in London for independent escorts?

New articles for August 2013:

Escorts Of the Future - What will the escort market be like in the next 10 years?

Mistakes Of First Time Escorts - Some who are new to escorting often make stupid mistakes which are avoidable.

Fantasy Escort Clothing - From PVC basques, rubber playsuits to naughty nurse outfits; what are the most popular items?

New articles for July 2013:

Never Disrespect Your Escort - Some people believe that they can have poor manners towards the escort they book. How wrong they are.

Advantages Of A Healthy Lifestyle - Escorts have to look in shape and keep their figures looking perfect. So a healthy lifestyle and diet is important.

Escort Safety Fears - After a man is acquitted in Texas for the killing of an escort called Lenora Frago; escorts have more safety fears.

Poor Escort Photos - Looking at the difference in quality in escort photographs in the online market. Some escorts use professional photographers for their pictures while others can use camera phones.

Elegance Of Richmond Escorts - A very sophisticated area where you find that many of the escorts are very elegant.

Sophistication Of South Bank Escorts - Apart from the art, culture and creative entertainment; the escorts are also have sophistication.

Harassment Of Escorts - Useful information and resources for escorts who find themselves victims of harassment.

New articles for June 2013:

Beauty And Belgravia Escorts - Central London has some fantastic areas and the beauty of some of those escorts are out of this world.

Friday Night Escorts - The weekend is just around the corner and London really comes to life at this time.

The Best London Escorts - What does it take to earn the accolade of best being regarded as the London escort?

New articles for April 2013:

Harassment Of Escorts - Many escorts are reporting that they are being harassed. Here is some information about what you can do to safeguard and combat against it.

Escort Articles

Appeal Of Brazilian Escorts - These exotic beauties with sun kissed skin and gorgeous figures are amongst the most beautiful women in the world.

High Class London Escorts - What sets them apart from the rest? Also why are many university students choosing to become high class escorts to fund their life?

Appeal Of Swedish Escorts - Blonde hair, radiant smiles and piercing blue eyes. They are so dazzling and beauteous.

Escort Payments - A pivotal part of the service. Looking at how escort payments have evolved over the years to usage of credit card technology etc

Bogus Escort Clients - Many escorts face the dangers of bogus clients. Here is some insight into that.

Illegal Escort Agencies - There is some illegality in the market and sometimes that involves escort agencies. A look at how escorts should be aware of such agencies.

Escort Recruitment - A look into the escort recruitment and the sort of market criteria that is out there.

Escort Safety - There are so many dangers that escorts face. Information on how escorts can safeguard themselves and preventative measures they can take to heighten their safety. Escort Murders - Time for change? - A look at the recent tragic escort related murders.

Student Escorts - Many university students are turning to escorting to pay university fees and loans.

Escorts and the recession - A look at the impact of the recent recession on escorts.

Violence Against Escorts - A call for wider awareness on the issue of violence against escorts and a further look at escort safety.

Quitting Being An Escort - Some escorts choose to quit the business. How easy do they find it though?

Personality Or Beauty - What matters most to escorts. Their personality or their beauty.

Can Ugly People Become Escorts - Can ugly people or even average looking people become escorts?

Escorts And Crime - A look at the rise in crime by bogus or criminal escorts.

Escorts On TV - Escorts are being represented more and more on TV in dramas etc. A look at how well represented they are.

Increase In London Escorts - A look at the increase in escorts in London. Factors like the recent recession play a vital role.

Professional Escorts - What does it take to be a professional escort? An insight into the key aspects and attributes that reflect professionalism

Escorts and Fashion - A look at the relationship between escorts and fashion. Looking at how VIP and elite escorts have a strong relationship with the most famous couture.

Escorts Being Stalked - Looking at the increase in cases where escorts are being stalked. More needs to be done about this intrusive and serious crime.

Footballers And Escorts - Looking at the relationship and new connection between footballers and escorts. Many high profile English Premier League football stars have been reported in the media to book the services of escorts. Why has this become more widespread?

Escorts And Businessmen - Looking at the relationship escorts have with businessmen. Also looking at the behavior in the City where businessmen booking escorts is very commonplace

Modeling To Escorting - A look at the relationship between models and escorts and why so many struggling models become escorts.

Changing Career To Escorting - Many women know are changing careers and becoming escorts. A look at the possible reasons like the recession and the lure of the market.

Should Escorts Drink On Escort Dates? - Other professions mean you can't drink on the job, but escorting is all about socialising. The big question is, should escorts drink alcohol whilst with a client?

Discreet Escorts - Clients really want to be secure in the knowledge that their privacy will always be safeguarded. A discussion on how escorts can tackle the art of discretion.

Escorts Who Blog Their Experiences - The internet is a great forum to share information and personal experiences. Looking at how there is a rise in trend in escorts blogging their experiences as an escort.

The BBW Escort Market - An insight into the niche market of BBW escorts.

Joys Of Being An Escort - What aspects do escorts enjoy about escorting?

The Appeal Of Escort Duos - 2 escorts better than one. Or is three a crowd. Looking at why more and more gentlemen are booking duo escorts.

Escorts & Substance Abuse - Is there substance abuse among escorts. A look at areas where substance abuse can occur.

Female Escorts - They make up a substantial part of the market. A insightful look at how the market has change over the years, with an interesting look at the recession and the rise of lesbian escorts.

Escorts Being Stalked - A serous issue that needs more awareness when it comes to the dangers of clients who become stalkers.

Footballers And Escorts - The media is never short about a story or two involving scandals with footballers with escorts.

Modeling To Escorting - A look at how some women change careers from being a model to being an escort. also a look at people who try and combine the two.

Changing Career To Escorting - Many people due to the current recession and financial climate are opting to change their career to escorting.

Escort Tours - Many escorts go on tours of UK cities for specific times for special times of the year.

What Is An Elite Escort? - Looking at the key attributes that encompasses being an elite escort in today's market.

The Romance Of Escorting - The girlfriend experience is an excellent representation of how romance plays a part in escort companionship.

International Escort Tours - Looking at the major cities around the world escorts like to visit on their international tour.

Should Escorts Drink On Escort Dates? An excellent and interesting debate looking at, is it right for escorts to drink alcohol on client dates.

London Independent Escorts - A look at the the issues and news surrounding independents.

London Escorts Discounts - Looking at the competitiveness when it comes to the prices of services in London.

London Escort Galleries - A look at the role and importance of galleries on websites. From the photos and the information displayed.

Escort Descriptions - The importance of the written text for escort descriptions and the vital role they play in appealing to potential clientele.

Increase In London Escorts - Looking at the rise in the number of escort in the capital. Is these due to the recent recession?

Brunette London Escorts - Forget blondes; there are some gorgeous brunettes in the UK capital.

English Dominatrix Escorts - The most strict, sexy and dominating English ladies.

VIP Mature Escorts - VIP companions aged 35 and over.

Lifestyles Of London Escorts - Looking at the average lavish lifestyle of a top escort.

Escorts And Sugar Daddies - There are a rise in gentlemen who like to take on the role of sugar daddy.

Over 50 Escorts - Looking at the mature escort market for ladies aged 50 and over.

London Escort Galleries - The online gallery for escorts and agencies showcasing pictures (usually thumbnail) that link through to individual portfolios. A look at how a few series are now incorporating videos into their gallery.

Escort Descriptions - The on-line portfolio and the function of the written description of an escort.

Adult Entertainment & Escorts - What if any, is the connection between the adult entertainment industry and escorting?

Adult Parties - More and more escorts are being invited along to parties. There are also discreet escort theme parties that are very big amongst certain VIP gentlemen.

How Amazing Are English Escorts? Looking at the qualities that make English escorts so popular and sought after for companionship dates.

Too Old For Escorting? - With the mature escort market going from strength to strength - when does an escort become too old for escorting?

Perfect Eye Candy Escorts - What attributes make the most attractive escorts and sets one set of ladies to be more prestigious over all others?

Expensive Escorts - They are the cream of the crop - VIP, elite, luxury and high class companions.

Escorts and Marriage - Can escorts have successful marriages, given their profession?

Escort Cash Payments - The majority of escorts and agencies only accept cash payments. There however is a rising trend of agencies who now accept credit card payments.

Wild Escort Nights - Which escorts provide the wildest nights out in London?

Randy London Escorts - Who are the randiest escorts in London? The findings may shock you!

Escorts Like To Keep Fit - Many like to keep fit in order to keep their perfect figures in shape. No escort likes to put on a few pounds.

Joys Of Being An Escort - Many escorts love their work. The flexible hours, the exciting dates, meeting new people and obviously the pay.

Marketing For Independent Escorts - Looking at the different options and the overall culture of advertising for independent escorts.

Ebony Escorts - The most stunning ebony ladies providing classy companionship.

Affordable Escorts - Cheap escort services that are more affordable to less rich gentlemen.

Busty Lesbian Escorts - Duo companionship for sophisticated lesbian ladies who want something exciting in their life.