Marketing For Independent Escorts

Independent escorts are responsible for marketing their service. However many do not know how to effectively do this. The internet has seen a boom in escort promoting their services online and it carries great potential for independents who can do this effectively. There are many advertising options for escorts on the web. The most common are escort directories. Some provide free escort adverts to independent escorts, but not many are effective of building the prominence of their service on the internet. Paid options bring a lot more web traffic to their website and can be effective to gain client bookings. When it comes to major search engines companies spend loads of money on SEO. This is no different for the escort market. However you will see agencies have the money to market themselves through escort SEO and their escort marketing budgets are often bigger than independents. However independent escorts are starting to turn to SEO services to establish their services geographically.

Lack Of Independent Websites High Ranked

If you look at where independent escort websites are ranked on major search engines - it is an effort to find any. As there are so many big escort directories that have better websites, updated more regularly, they will rank better for targeted keywords. So it offers the question - should independent escorts hire SEO experts? Well it is down to the individual. Obviously there are costs involved in this form of online marketing that they have to take into consideration. As well the time frame in ranking in such a competitive market could be anything from 12-18 months. As they are independent and market themselves, this is a cost that the escort has to see as a overhead. Do they even have enough escort bookings in general to cover such a cost? The vast majority see it more cost effective to simply advertise their escort service on directories and adult websites. There was a time one or two independents obliviously made the effort with SEO, but the online market is becoming even more competitive. So even though it may seem like a great idea, it is possible not the most feasible way for independents to market their services online.


5 Independent Escort Marketing Tips:

If you are new to escorting and are an independent it is quite simple - you need to acquire bookings. Now the internet is the most popular format for individuals to market their companionship services on. Finding the most effective ways can help them avoid making the most common marketing mistakes. One of the mot common is to totally rely on free advertising for a steady stream of bookings. It will be more sporadic then show any form of consistency. Here are some top tips:

  1. Make sure you have a professionally designed website with professionally photos. It does not matter how many people visit your website. If our website looks messy and unprofessional they will not want to book you.
  2. If you plan to market your own website, spend some time doing some research. Read articles in the market about the best ways to market your service.
  3. If you don't have the time or knowledge to market yourself, then you can always hire an SEO expert to handle your marketing.
  4. Get yourself a professional escort banner designed. You can network on other sites and directories. Where it is common for agencies to have their own escort banner, it is a rarity for an independent to have one. So you can stand out from the crowd.
  5. Don't advertise your website on every website you come across. Stick to relational websites in the market to advertise your service.

There are many escort directories when it comes to paid advertising options, but the majority cater for agencies. It is thought they do as they think agencies have more money to spend on escort advertising and independent escorts are more used to promoting their services on escort message boards and forums. However there are a couple of websites that provide excellent advertising opportunity.

AdultWork is one of the leading websites for independent escorts and adult entertainers to promote their escort / adult services on. With so many ads options, including uploading video and options for clientele to bid etc ... It is miles in front of technical sophistication and innovation.

To visit their website please go to - Please note First Call escorts has NO AFFILIATION with this website in any way.