Blowing Your Load In Bow - Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative. ADULTS ONLY STORIES!!!


Erika is simply a gorgeous tall brunette beauty who moved to London 5 years ago to study. This stunner from Slovakia is so beautiful that everybody she meets automatically believes she is a model. Standing at 5ft 10 and with such a sleek, thin figure she probably could become a top international model if she tried. She studied business at university and during her time she became an escort. Her roommate actually persuaded her to take up escorting as the money was good. She quickly became one of the most popular companions at the agency she joined. She was an escort in Bow that was really becoming the most sought after for visiting outcalls. More so much so her company was required in all areas of the capital. Wealthy gentlemen would take her to the opera, red carpet events and very posh parties in the capital. They loved her ambition, confidence and her fashion sense. She was a very sophisticated lady who at the same time was very down to earth. Erika didn't play on the fact that she was extremely beautiful to get ahead in life. It was her very special and interesting personality that people were most attracted to. Well obviously initially they were captivated by her gorgeous looks and figure. towards the end of her business degree she gave up escorting to concentrate on her career options. She had longed to work in the big city. She lived in the E3 region of the UK capital and wanted to move to where all the action and entertainment was - The City.

Erika came out with a top university degree and her and her house mate decided to go out partying. They were really big party animals and at the time Erika was an escort, they did actually provide a duo VIP party girl service. They would go out with VIP's and wealthy businessmen to all the best nightclubs in London. Even though they were living in east London they never ever experienced much nightlife there. They loved drinking expensive champagne and dancing the night away. Her house mate actually soon quit escorting shortly after she did. So when they went out on night outs they could really let their hair down and dance the night away just enjoying each others company. They went from bar to bar drinking sambucas and as many other different types of spirits. They were not binge drinkers but they were out celebrating. Then they started buying bottles of champagne. They each had a bottle of champagne in one hand and the other was raised high in the air on the dance floor. Every man in the club flocked around them just admiring their beauty and party fuelled energy. They soon caught the eye of these two stunning Italian male models. The were such hunks that they had to turn women away. Not the other way round. The two studs invited them to their VIP area. They flirted, talked and drank. They laughed so much as they all enjoyed each others company.

Erika and her house mate decided to invited these two 6ft plus male models back to their apartment. The party continued as soon as they reached back. Erika and her friend were such in a kinky mood that they decided to started to kiss each other passionately. The two Italian hunks have never ever seen such an intense lesbian kiss filled with so much passion. Erika's hands run up and down her friends ass. Clasping her meaty, firm buttocks as their tongues wrestled with each others. The two guys were speechless but their hard stiff cocks in their pants were doing all the talking. The two ladies turned to them and each knelt down before them. As they were kneeling they gave each other a cheeky smile and wink and started to unzip each studs jeans. They both pulled out their huge cocks and will still gazing into each others eyes began to slowly suck the two rock hard cocks. Their cocks were nearly at a 90 degree angles facing each other as Erika and her friend sucked faster and faster, still looking into each others eyes. Long deep stokes of the tongue all over the rock hard cocks. Then they swapped over. They both began sucking, balls deep. Each male model gave out a huge sexual groan of pleasure each time their cock slammed deep down the throat of each stunning brunette. Spit was flying everywhere as each ladies head was rocking back and forth, sucking away. The guys couldn't take much more and said they were going to come. They came almost simultaneously. Cum flew everywhere; all over Erika's face and arm and likewise with her friend. These two hunks have just blew their load in Bow.


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