Ebony Duo On Cam - Short Erotic Story

*Please note - Remember all our escort stories are fictitious and do not represent any escort or escort service represented by the agency. Our stories are erotic fiction at its best and not just a collection of mind numbing sex stories; they are very creative.


Tashika and Charmaine were two very sexy ebony ladies both aged 24. They had met while working for a lap dancing club in the city, but had aspirations to own a bar. They were the most sought after ladies at the club. Their juicy, big black booty, tantalized all of the businessmen who visited there. They were always being chatted up and many men wanted to whisk them away to a weekend in Paris and New York. They liked all of the attention and even got into escorting for a bit. they moved to the Earls Court area and became an escort duo. They loved it as all the top city bankers would book their companionship services. They were pampered with gifts and taken on trips away. However they were both very business minded and then that's where they came up with the idea to have their own private cam website. So they quit being an escort duo to pursue their business venture for an adult cam site.

The same web designer who built their escort website created their cam website. They emailed all the clients for the launch of it and everybody logged on. The first night was nerve racking. When the lite came on to say they were live, they looked at each other and said here goes. So many men had logged in and were expecting a very sexy show. Charmaine had a beautiful body and amazing busty tits. She strapped on a huge dildo and positioned Tashika with her legs spread open on the bed. Charmaine slid the huge black coloured strap on dildo into Tashika's pussy. Tashika gave a moan of delight and slight despair as this huge 12 inch dildo slid inch by inch into her black pussy. Charmaine then put Tashika's legs into the air to give her more pumping leverage. Charmaine plunged and banged the big black dildo deep into Tashika's pussy. She screamed every time the dildo plunged deep in her. Her legs and toes trembling as she screamed in delight. Charmaine began to bang harder and harder. Pressing down on Tashika's legs until her feet where over her own head. The dildo thrusting deeper and faster. Tashika could take no more and spurted a huge gush of watery cum out, accompanied by a loud sensual scream.

A huge rush of messages appeared in their chat window. all the viewers were so turned on and so many requests came popping up on the screen. In that one night they banged each other senseless with strap ons. They made so much money and decided that this business had a bright future. This former ebony escort duo, had cracked it big time.



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