Escort Websites That Don't Work

How many times have you been on an escort website and some or all parts are not working. Sometimes even the most popular escort websites encounter technical problems and this can be for a whole range of reasons. The most annoying and avoidable reason sometimes is when an they exceed their bandwidth. With an escort website the pictures get a lot of views. Each time data is downloaded on their server. If you don't check your bandwidth limit, you can easily exceed it. Sometimes new websites who suddenly get popular when there is a massive jump in the search engine rankings can be affected by this. When it comes to all server issues make sure you are with a good host and bandwidth is something you keep an eye on. The technical side can always throw up problems. Many escort websites are content managed (CMS), so they deal with a lot of code. Sometimes when updating one or more parts of system can generate many problems. Maybe the gallery is being updated and there is a problem where not all the escorts are shown. This can happen and is certainly not a good look. Escort website downtime is something many people are getting used to. You can even see the errors cached in search engine results; not a good look!

Redesigns always throw up problems. Some big escort directories undergo big redesigns and sometimes with horrific results. A once decent directory can go downhill while they try to be a bit too clever in their update. The problem is do they roll back to the old website or inconvenience web users will they persevere with the calamitous web work. It can actually have an affect on their web ranking the longer the problem goes on. It won't take long for people to turn to other directories and the directory in question to become a forgotten factor in the market.

Menus that don't work are so annoying. Especially when you have geared yourself to find a good search result. You could do a search for a busty blonde escort in your area, only to be met with an SQL error or no escorts at all. The power of your database is only as strong as the data you have in it. If there are only 15 escorts on the website you don't need a sophisticated search function. How many times will somebody put up with the result "no escorts found", before they get fed up, never to return to your escort website again.

The key is to ensure you have a good web team who know what they are doing. Websites will always face problems, but some are easily avoided.