London Escort Forums

The online escort industry is forever expanding day by day. The city with the biggest concentration of escort services is London. There are so many issues, talking points and its of vital information that people need access to online. London is a vast city and many escort services can be found there. If you are an independent escort or especially an escort agency, promoting your service on the web is key to your success. One of the many places they choose to promote their escort service is a London escort forum. These are helpful websites for the escort community for both escorts and prospective clients. It is a place to talk about the latest important events happening in the market and also an avenue for self promotion. People who are looking for companionship services in London will use forums to look for new escorts or agencies. Man agencies who are new to the market use it as an opportunity to introduce themselves to the wider public.

The top London escort forums are run by professional 'webmasters' and administrators. It is essential that anybody who signs up to the forum reads the terms and conditions for posting. Usually forums have clear categories where escorts can post about their services. Some people do not post in the write section and can see their posts taken down or for persistent abuse can have their account deleted. You can usually insert hyper links to your website and even include pictures as well as contact details. Unfortunately some people use it to post spam links. Some agencies post adverts in sections that are meant simply for discussions.

The key to using London escort forums is to appreciate it is for prospective clients who are looking for professional, concise and sometimes expansive information in special cases about escort services in London. The most professional require you to sign up for a 'username' and password. The forum board is governed by the moderator who is there to see that everything runs smoothly. There are some agencies who sign up just to spam their website. However the most professional managed forums can easily detect that and have a policy to ban that user. The most visited websites are ones who have a diverse and important topic list. The top forums offers support, helpful; advice and there is even a section to warn against dangerous clients. So it provides a much needed resource for escorts all across the UK.

Many forums have sections that cater for geographic regions; London, Home Counties, Yorkshire, Midlands, Scotland, South East, South West etc. The London section sometimes gets the most topics and threads started as it contains the most independents and agencies. Many agencies like to post adverts in sections dedicated for service announcements. Some forums don't promote advertising and are very stringent to sticking to topics that are not related escort service promotion. You do get a few agencies and escorts that like to spam there URL, by starting really uninteresting posts or simply replying to posts with just their website address.

Hidden Dangers

With the good comes the bad and these forums can be a hazard to some escorts. Some have reported that clients have been leaving fake bad reviews as a way to harm reputation. Some clientele even use this tactic as a way to blackmail escorts for reduced rate bookings. This type of action can be harmful to an escort an effect their reputation. Also some online discussions are not moderated as well as they could be. This leaves all kinds of doors open for issues. There are also lots of spam in ones that are not maintained that well. It diminishes the user experience and quality of the forum.

Need For Better Moderation

This leads on to the important argument raised by many, that there should be better moderation on forums. the most professional ones review posts, have posting limitations and a certain user level. So the idea is the most trusted forum members are given extra posting privileges. Some forums however do not have such stringent rules and regulations. So you can see problems are created from the offset. If you are not managing or overseeing what information is uploaded online, it can be very dangerous. It leaves a door wide open for web spam and on a more serious note, criminality. There are many free web scripts that are available online for people to create an escort forum. All they need is a cheap web host. However if they do not have a mind-set to manage it professionally, it actually does more harm than good.

Here are some of the best escort forums on the internet:

UK Punting - A top forum and message board for escorting. Their regional forum has a massive following and is used by many independents and clientele.

Saafe - A top forum where many London based independent escorts use it. There is much helpful advice and information. Interesting topics and a section to warn about dangerous clients.
Punternet - One of the best UK reviews and escort forums. Many escorts use the forum to post messages on a wide range of topics including dangers clients, legal issues, health and fake escort services.
Forum X - Covering all UK regions and also includes a massage section.


Remember whether you are an escort or client, make sure you follow all forum rules. Many do not take rule breaking kindly and you will find your account banned without warning.