Re-branding The Gay Escort Market

Recently online there was an interesting article which discussed somebody who wanted to 're-brand' the gay escort market in the UK. There is a distinct lack of gay escort agencies in the country. Online in the past 10 years there have only been about 3 or 4 gay escort agencies showcased online. Many people discussed there actually being more agencies than the number visually represented on the web. It seemed that many had not embraced the web. However for what reason remained a mystery. There certainly isn't a grey area when it comes to looking at the actual demand for gay escort services. There is obviously a huge demand for them in the UK. However it seems to take on a less open and secretive stance. It often goes beyond discretion to something that has a sense of an 'underground culture' as opposed to being online, in the public domain. So what are the perceptions of the gay escort market and agencies for that matter. There seems to be an extra taboo when people talk about gay escorts. A perception of there being a certain level of exploitation involved in the industry. However when you look at how these services are advertised online, they seem to be more on escort directories and websites for the gay community. So the larger majority of escorts are independent. So where the exploitation is foreseen is hard to see. However it is not to dismiss 100% that somewhere, somebody is being exploited.

Discretion In An Open Format

The web is accessible by millions of people. The escort market in the past 5 years has more than embraced it. If you look at escort agencies that provide female escorts, there seems to be hundreds of them. So the first stance would be for an gay escort agency to look at how others brand themselves. Online market research that could act as a guide to see what are the general characteristics of how their agency website can be. Also what can be a major turning point is if more escort directories introduced sections that represented gay escort services. It could be seen as a more inclusive part of the market, rather than a more secretive niche element.

An interesting talking point is that a general opinion of male escorts is that they are seen as actually being less vulnerable to being exploited. So when people think about gay escorting, the opinion is divided. Some think there is more exploitation, some think there is less. There are thousands of gay independent escorts but a lack of agency based ones. Simply because there is a lack of agencies. So maybe over the next few years gay escorts may be inspired to start their own agency?

Every sector in the escort industry has its own character. There seems to be a transition in the gay escort market that has been simmering for the past 18 months. All you have to do is read online message boards to see people speculating about new start agencies or how can they get into escorting. The transition may be a slow or fast process. However the internet is going to be the medium to allow that process to happen.

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