Sexualized Adverts On Escort Directories

There seems to be two types of escort services out there. Ones who provide romantic dates that are time and companionship only and others with a more sexual element to it. The big surprise is the latter appears so widespread on so many escort directories. When you see adverts that have abbreviations like CIM, OWO etc. Obviously they stand for acts of a sexual nature. Now there are escort agencies and independents that fall in this category and because of that many newspapers stopped promoting escort services. They could not be sure who were providing viable, professional services and the others who were not so wholesome. So everything moved to the internet and soon there was an influx of escort directories on the internet. It is usually the first port of call today that has seen millions of people each year search through them to find an escort to meet.

Where Are The Moderators?
Well how can you moderate and oversee the whole internet. There have been cases where certain online directories have seen escorts post ads and then they have become a victim of violence. So the flip side is that these sexualized adverts could actually put the escorts at risk as some gentlemen feel they are easy targets. The most common reason is they believe that because of the nature of the work the ladies do, that they will feel too ashamed to report any incident. In some instances the outcome has been fatal. Maybe there should be more work done to target the really sexualized escort adverts as a way to ensure the welfare of the lady.

Should Escort Directories Be Responsible?
There are some really good escort directories that do not let adverts of a sexual nature be displayed on their website. Some even go to the extreme of banning people for life from advertising. Some directories with less moderation probably don't even know the nature of every single "ad" that goes on their site. This is dangerous and a reckless way to manage a website. There should be tougher controls when it comes to advertising escort services; especially online. There should be a central organization that escorts, agencies and directories need to register with in order to promote their services online. However it is not just escort directories; some business directories are starting to provide an adult and escort service category where people can advertise. Some are so well known companies that it seems strange that they have "increased" the advertising to agencies and independent escorts when newspapers all but removed theirs. Escort directories should be responsible for the adverts that go on their website and they should verify each one before they post them on their site.

What Should Be Done?
Well there needs to be a review on the matter because no moderation or big inconsistencies are not the answer. Here are some ideas to what can be done:

  1. Age verification and the integration of the ".xxx" domain to be standard for all escort services. It is an adult service as dating is obviously for adults.
  2. Every website promoting escort services should get proof of age and people will have to register their details.
  3. Escort directories and websites who promote escort services have to have sufficient moderation as mandatory.
  4. Adverts of a sexual nature should not be allowed.
  5. All websites should carry information and support about people and sex trafficking. Help lines and advice for those concerned.

Escorting is a profession that certainly has a future; however it us up for people to decide what that future should in fact be.