Site Speed For Escort Websites

Well famous sayings like 'size matters' always can go both ways given the context. However when it comes to escort websites (also any website for that matter) - speed counts. Everybody lives in this age where everything is bigger, louder and faster. Everything now seems to be only a touch of a button away. So that has led to today's society being accustomed to living in a fast paced world. When it comes to the internet, again information is just a click of a mouse or button press away. Even though Britain has become famous for being a nation who doesn't mind standing in long queues. People might moan about it, but they just get on with it. However the internet is different to the physical world. If you are standing in a long queue at a shop, you may just grin and bare it. It may be just too much effort to go to another shop. However the web and websites function in a complete different manner. You don't want to wait to view a web page. In fact you want that web page to be available immediately.

Consider the following for site speed regarding your escort website in 2018:

  • Does your website have heavy images that you can optimise? Yes escort picture quality is key. However are the images too heavy?
  • When is the last time you have gone through the code on your website? How old is your website?
  • Have you tried to improve the quality of website functionality but in fact it has slowed down page speed?
  • Have you tested ho long it takes for your website and its pages to load?
  • Is your web server a high quality one? Do you think that you need to change web hosting companies?

Only The Fast Survive

A few seconds too long a wait and that could be all the encouragement you need, to click off it. The online escort market has thousands of websites. So if a person clicks onto a web page and it takes too long to load; they simply click off. They visit another website. As some people like to discreetly view escorts online; site speed is everything. They may want to check the latest escorts that appear on a particular websites online gallery. Some like to view the newest escorts to be showcased on an escort directory. These are all tasks they like to perform in privacy and with efficiency. If an escort website has many pictures, if the page takes too long to load, then it can be very off putting. In terms of SEO, site speed is certainly one of the many long list of factors that help a website rank. Many SEO specialists always comment online about the importance of a fast loading website and especially how Google is a fan of it. Well they key to any good website is having excellent functionality and usability. If you are trying to navigate a website, view images or even do a site search; that has to done almost instantaneously. It isn't necessarily down to impatience, but being accustomed to a good online experience. If you have visited many fast loading websites, you set the bar high in regards to standards when site speed is involved. A slow website will lead to a high bounce rate. If you want your escort website compete effectively on major search engines; then a high bounce rate isn't the path to follow. Some online marketing experts even state that their is direct correlation between a slow website and high bounce rate. So that is something to more than consider.

The Effect On SEO

Everybody wants to rank high on Google. A fast moving search engine, shrouded in mystery but despite everybody moaning about their updates - they make sense. They understand what a web user is looking for in search results an ultimately this is reflected in the website they return in the search results. Google are in the fast lane. Just like a Formula One driver, they operate at great speeds. Precision is an art form for them. If only the whole web could be like that? Well it can and sooner or later website owners (especially in escort market) are going to realise it. Google Developers has devised an online test where you can test the speed of a web page. PageSpeed Insights is an amazing online tool and every webmaster should utilise it. So when it comes to SEO, you have to take how fast your website is as an important factor that contributes to your web rank. So what can be done to improve a website's loading time? Well many escort sites are CMS systems that incorporate a database. The addition of an index is an optimum way of optimizing the speed of a page. Also think about the coding element of pages. Do you have excessive or unnecessary code on a page? Really streamline the code. Use CSS style sheets and think about image size for any images on your website. Does a picture of an escort really need to be 200KB? Also make sure you have a really good web hosting company that is hosting your site. It should go without saying, but there; it has been said!