Writing An Escort Blog

Not many people now the ins and outs of an escort's life. Even if you meet an escort more regularly and go on dates with them, you rarely truly know about their escorting life. So many escorts are now starting to write blogs and share their experiences. These are often very personal accounts of their escorting life and you can read about their life. Some escorts blog simply to share their experiences. Some escorts write a blog as a way to attract more clientele. Some write blogs o raise awareness about certain aspects and issues of the escort industry. It is a great way for escorts to connect and interact on a huge scale. There is really no set structure when escorts write in their blogs. Issues and different talking points really don't need to be related. it is mote of an insight. They may even se the blog as an open diary of their day to day life.

Blogs can be integrated as part of their website. So a special section dedicated to new blog posts and articles. Basically from a web design point of view it is just about creating written content. Sometimes via a plug-in that can be integrated into the system or simply creating / updating pages. Others like to keep a blog separate from their official escort website. If you are an escort an thinking of writing a blog, you have to decide if you want the blog separate or not. Additions to the blog can be daily, weekly or even monthly. It is about writing about aspects you feel will be a good read. There is no structure to what blog posts you write. The can be as detailed or as concise as you want them to be. Obviously if you are blogging about individual escort dates you should keep the name of the client confidential.

Your blog can be a mixture of the best and worse escort dates you have encountered. When you read quite a few blogs written by escorts you always find out something new. The more interesting things you write about, the more people will want to visit your blog to read. This is a great way to market your escort service. You can add references to websites that you feel provide great extra information about a topic you have written about. There is a growing trend now for independent escorts to blog their experiences. You don't have to be an award winning writer to write. Talking about subjects you are most passionate about will always make a better read. What interests you, could interest somebody else.